1-2 Blog: Branding: A day in the life

A Typical Day in My Life

I actually work online. Everything that I do for my career is something that I do online. From writing blog posts, editing copy, and organizing social media calendars. Digital media is not only something that I engage with on a daily basis, it is also something that I create on a daily basis as well.

The first application that I use daily is my email. I connect with my peers as well as my superiors. A platform that I have recently began to use is Slack. This is a messaging platform which is great for workers who work remotely. I am able to stay in contact with my entire team. Since I work in social media, I also am constantly on different platforms throughout the day. Not only am I uploading new content, but I am responding to engagement as well. One of my personal favorite sites to read posts from my favorite content creators is Bloglovin’. It collects all of the content into one easy feed, so I never miss a new upload. I also spend a lot of time editing and planning social calendars with Buffer. This is a platform that allows you to create content, and schedules them to post on social media.

This is a really interesting question. I think digital media can have a huge influence on our society. People are getting paid thousands of dollars just for a single post. It is a more accessible way of getting your content out to the public than in previous years. Some industries are doubling their budget for digital marketing in 2018 compared to 2017. I find it a great way to grow a small business, and it is great to keep costs down. It can also allow a person to wear more than one hat in the company they work in.

For how I consume content, I think my needs are met. I enjoy getting emails from my favorite stores, and I use digital media as a form of entertainment as well. There are so many available options, it would be difficult to not be satisfied. My only complaint would be surrounding social media aspects. I don’t always find what I see to me truthful, and that impacts my purchasing decisions.

I receive emails from both ends. I receive emails to promote products and services. I also receive emails looking to use my online presence as a form of advertisement. When it comes to what I am looking for, I enjoy visual graphics as a way of viewing content. I definitely have issues when someone sends me too many emails. I love a comprehensive email.

Majority of brands that I have followed over the years have turned to digital marketing. Brands that I only knew of through word of mouth are now all over the internet. From using influencers to physical ads, digital media has become the way of marketing. Not only is it usually more affordable, but it has a greater reach than a standard print ad. It is more common to see a digital ad now, and usually can provide more information as well.