1-2 Blog: Consumer Who? Consumer You!


What type of consumer are you?

I am an individual consumer. What I purchase is for my own personal enjoyment, or the enjoyment of someone within my household. I shop both in traditional store fronts, a well as a significant amount of my purchases are made online. (Kardes, Cronley & Cline, n.d.)

What influences your buying decisions, and how?

Price is a huge factor in my purchase decision. Even when I am purchasing something that I know is going to be slightly on the more expensive side, I do a cost per wear/use item. I feel the need to justify my purchases, and if I feel like the price is not equivalent to the product or service, it can inhibit my purchase. Another factor is the quality of what I am purchasing. After I decide on if the price is suitable, I like to know that what I am getting is a quality that I am used to. Quality also directly correlates to price for me. I work a lot within the beauty industry, and I think that is a direct reflection of my purchase decisions. I am more likely to spend more money on makeup that I know is a higher quality. Not only is it going to perform better, but it is usually better for the skin as well.

Which stage actually leads to your purchasing decisions?

I think the research stage makes a difference in my decisions. Knowing exactly what is in an item, what the company stands for, and knowing my opportunity cost if I purchase is a big deal to me. I think that I speak for a lot of people when I say that we all work hard for our money, and do not want to think that we are throwing it away.

When making a buying decision, how are you influenced by marketing research and marketing design?

Since I work online, I rely a lot on digital marketing not only for my purchasing decisions, but also as a shopping tool. If I know that a brand is coming out with a new product, I will find the ingredients and see what it offers. Market research has allowed for brands that we all use to actually understand what we think about them. It shows what we are purchasing, what we are not. The biggest change I have seen from market research is the increase in products that focus on protecting our environment. The vegan/vegetarian community has changed many different industries. I am also influenced by marketing design since I am a visual person. I like to know that the brands I support are in tune with what society is interested in at the moment.

Do you experience any post-purchase behavior?

I sometimes experience stress about purchases, especially if they are related to a higher price point. Since I research what I am purchasing before I purchase it, I rarely have any anxiety or remorse.


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