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Fashion does not have to be difficult. It also doesn’t have to be expensive! You can find one piece that you love, and you can use existing items in your closet to make a different outfit every day. I have been completely obsessed with a leather skirt lately. I decided to take one skirt, and switch it around! Keep reading to see the outfits, and find out some styling tips!



The Leather Skirt

Black skirts are always a staple throughout the year, and the only thing you change is the fabric.  A leather skirt is a great way to make a skirt a little warmer, but still show off legs as well. It is also a fun texture to add to any outfit, and create a more luxurious outfit, even if it was not expensive! The skirt featured in this post is from Isabel Marant, and is actually on sale for almost 50% off! I also found one at Zara the other day which came in at about $30 bucks, but it looks incredible, so you are able to splurge or save on whatever you decide. There are also tons of colors, shapes, and even patterns.

Outfit #1


I started this outfit off with a merino wool sweater. This is important because it is still cold outside, duh! Not only is this in a great neutral color, it is lightweight enough to layer during the winter, but you can also wear it alone during warmer months. The military inspired quotes are right up my alley! Not only do they have this heavy structure that I love, but they are usually in great colors, and just slightly different than a standard peacoat. I recently picked up some patent healed boots just like these from Forever 21, and I cannot stop wearing them. They give everything an edgy feel, and can bring an outfit up a level. Finally, I chose this red Gucci Soho bag. I love the vibrant red color of the bag, and I think a cross body is always a smart option.

Outfit #2


When you think of a leather skirt, you usually think of something a bit more dressy. I loved this white top because it has a lot of interesting detail, but since it is cropped, it does not add any additional weight to your waist. The gray coat is long enough to add additional warmth, but since it is such a neutral color, it can go with pretty much any of the outfits. I felt like the coat was a little on the smart side, which added a level of sophistication to the outfit. An ankle boot is every girl’s best friend! These metallic shoes can be worn during the day, but would steal the show on a night out! I am definitely one of those people who mix metals, because why not! It is a modern way to wear metallics, and it adds interest to your outfit. This Alice + Olivia bag could be amazing for the holidays, but it can also be a cute bag for a night out any time of the year.

Outfit #3


If you know me at all, then this outfit was a given. Slogan tees can be as stylish or plain as you want them to be. I loved this sweater from Topshop because it was the colors that I look for in a slogan tee, but it was a sweatshirt which helps keep you warm during these colder months. I honestly cannot get enough of denim and leather. It may be the ex punk kid in me that loves it, but I think it is a cool way to wear the two fabrics. it also creates texture to a potentially standard outfit. This will also come as no surprise, but Vans are some of my favorite shoes to wear. Not only are they really practical and comfy, but they also have become quite stylish. I am a lover of Sk8-Hi Vans, but they have tons of options to choose from. Finally, I topped this off with a fun beanie to keep with the laid back style of the outfit.

Outfit #4


I know what you’re thinking, the sweater looks like Charlie Brown. Hear me out, not only is yellow a great color to lift your mood, but the colors are able to be used for multiple seasons. Tucked into the leather skirt, it almost adds a whimsical feel to any outfit. This wouldn’t be a post by me if I did not include a trench coat. Not only is it a staple coat to own, it is light enough to wear you don’t feel like you are being weighed down. Years ago, you would have not caught me in leopard print, but I have found a new love for it. Boots are a great way to incorporate a pattern into your outfit, and are relatively inexpensive to add to your wardrobe. For a splurge, the Chloe Pixie is definitely on my wishlist, and adds to the fun and youthful appearance of the outfit.

Outfit #5


I really love oxblood and pink together, so the final outfit obviously had to include that combination. J Crew always has great sweaters, and they are always right on trend. I love a turtleneck because it adds a level of cozy to the outfit. This coat with the black piping adds a bit of a different twist to a standard longline coat. Tall boots are great options during the winter if you hate tights. They can keep your legs warm, and give an edgy overall vibe. Throw on a warm scarf, and you’re ready to go!

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What’s your favorite outfit? Do you have a piece of clothing that is a staple in your wardrobe? Let me know!

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  1. December 28, 2017 / 1:36 am

    I love all these outfits. There are some seriously great pieces! I think I’d have to say Outfit 5 is my favourite though. It’s definitely something I would wear. I love the pattern of the scarf, the otk boots and the pink and red combo! All things I’m obsessed with currently. It’s hard to pick just one wardrobe staple. I have so many!

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