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10 Blog photo props that won’t break the bank

I’ve mentioned the importance of photography a million times in relation to blogging. As someone who really loves the visual aspect of my favorite blogs, that is usually what draws me in. When I first began blogging, it was irritating that I couldn’t get the kind of photos I wanted. That is when I really began looking into blog photo props. I compiled a list of ten items that I love to use, and that are pretty affordable as well!

blog photo props

Why do we need blog photo props?

As much as I love clean photos that aren’t too busy, you can only make a blush brush so interesting. I use blog photo props to add interest to my images that I use. Not only do I use them for blog photos, but I also use them as decoration through my apartment, and even for my social media posts. Some of the props that I use basically live in a blogging basket to be honest. If you have checked out my Instagram lately, then that big basket of flowers in my room actually holds a ton of blog props underneath it! Not only is it functional, but it is pretty as well!

Most of these are items that you can pick up for less than five dollars, and they are literally all of the place right now.  If you live anywhere near a Target, then you know all about the dollar spot. You can find really adorable stationery all year round, and some great seasonal items for blog posts as well! Aside from that, I love Tj Maxx, Amazon, and just shopping my closet to find things that I love. I definitely have favorite items that I constantly use over again, but they definitely fit in with my aesthetic!


This is honestly my favorite category! Not only am I a floral fanatic in real life, but I think they add so much to a photograph. They are perfect as blog photo props because they add interest to photos, and they are gorgeous. I personally think they also compliment a lot of the subject matter of my photos. If you haven’t shopped for artificial flowers lately, then you would be shocked by the price tags on some of them! I always check out Michaels for florals. They have amazing selections for each season, as well as holiday specific options. Flowers and such are also usually at an amazing price too. Michaels always has a discount going on, and I highly suggest taking advantage of that. Spring is my favorite time to stock up on floral options. If you have a green thumb, you can also use real flowers as well!

Hit the bookshelves!

Another one of my favorite blog photo props has to be books. There are so many books with really incredible covers lately. Your favorite blogger, youtube, or it girl probably has a book out, and it probably has an Instagram-worthy cover as well! I feel like there are a couple of books that are definitely staples in my photos, or just for bloggers in general. Books like #GIRLBOSS, Love Style Life, and It by Alexa Chung are in every bloggers bookshelf. The inside of the books are just as great as the covers, and also, you can read the book and learn something! To say that a little part of me doesn’t judge a book by it’s cover would be a lie. You can also use magazines as well!

Stationery makes the world turn

I’ve always loved stationery. Gorgeous notebooks, calendars, and writing utensils have been my kryptonite for years. When I was younger, I had a pretty outrageous collection growing up, and I really didn’t use any of them. Now that I use multiple notebooks every day, I really miss that collection. Tj Maxx seriously has an amazing selection for amazing prices. There are great options for whatever your aesthetic is, and you can use them for work, but no one ever has to know! Most of my notebooks in my blog photos are seriously wild on the inside. The dollar spot at Target also usually kills it. A ton of my pens and pencils are from that spot, and rival anything that I could buy online. This is a category that you can find blog photo props for really cheap!

Shop your stash for blog photo props

I mentioned shopping your closet earlier, and I meant it! A lot the beauty products we use are really gorgeous! If you are not ready to take the plunge into the world of blog photo props, then just using things you already have is a great option. Find a top you love, add that to the photo. Most perfume bottles are gorgeous, so throw that in there too! While your post may be about a specific product, there is definitely a way to incorporate other product while not letting something steal the shine from your focus. You can also do this with your closet. There are so many amazing items coming into stores right now. I get excited about different clothing items and shoes, and those look amazing in photos too. Oh yeah, and save the packaging, it will come in handy one day!

Some things that you can forget about…

You would be surprised at how easily you can incorporate your phone or laptop into photos. While I love both of mine regardless of the case, a case that is beautiful can help you out. As most bloggers, I really love marbled….anything. Not only do my covers follow my aesthetic, but they also protect my items. Jewelry is something that I don’t really wear, to be honest. I have a watch, some rings, and a few necklaces that I love. They can be great for blog photo props though! If you need something small to fill up space, then grab a great necklace. Not only is it going to add texture, but it will also add color too!

I also really love to use trinket trays. It is a fun way to add color, and to elevate your products. I don’t necessarily mean to increase the value, but to change the dimension. They are also a fun way to organize smaller things around your home. I always try and find smaller trays that are in my usual color scheme, but always have some fun accents. I have been obsessed with the white and gold one in my photos, and it was less than two dollars! Finally, never underestimate the importance of texture in your photos. If you are sick of the background you have been using, throw in a rug, a scarf, or a blanket to create visual interest.

blog photo props

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What are your favorite blogging tips?



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