2-2 Blog: The Importance of Brand Positioning

The brand that I am going to focus on is Glossier. It is a newer cosmetics company that is based out of New York, and was born from a blog. Emily Weiss, the founder of Glossier, wanted the brand to not only be a fashion statement through marketing, but to also be a brand that people wanted to try. By allowing the consumer to almost customize what they are using, it allows them to feel a more personal connection. The name grew from the blog which was called, Into the Gloss. Glossier grew into what is called a cult brand. It found fame through social media, the packaging, and the name behind it. Once it was viewed on social media, it instantly would draw attention. It combined a unique font, a custom shade of “millennial” pink, and aesthetically pleasing packaging. It has become a staple product in the beauty industry, and has amassed a following that keeps begging for more products to be released. While the brand is focused on beauty products, the brand released a perfume to add to the variety of products, but due to a lower quality, an unfavorable selection of scents, and a faulty packaging, it has become their lowest selling product.

The biggest strength of Glossier has been their name. Into the Gloss is an incredibly popular website with hundreds of thousands views per month. By associating the name with the cosmetic line, it was already reaching thousands of people. Most up and coming companies do not have that immediate reach, or the type of access to other influencers in the market. The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing in our society, and is a multi-billion dollar industry on its own. Just using a name that related to the blog was the strongest marketing strategies that Weiss used in developing her products. Glossier hit the market with a different feel than any other brand. They were having controversial social media posts and billboards in major cities such as LA and NYC. The body positive marketing campaign attracted a huge range of consumers that may not have known about the blog prior. Weiss describes that inclusivity is the most important value of the company. The name Glossier also has an impact on what the products are expected to do. When a consumer thinks of “gloss” it is often a way of making something naturally look more appealing. The brand was known for allowing the skin to stay natural, but just a more enhanced version.


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