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4 reasons an online degree might be right for you

Education is something that we all definitely need. While it is not essential to every day life, you can never be overeducated. Through my college career, I did online courses as part of a campus program. I found out that I actually liked those classes more, and I actually did better in them than a traditional course. If you are not a morning person, working full time, or a parent, then this you have to read why an online degree might be right for you.

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Are online degrees equivalent to a traditional degree?

Yes! Most universities have the same accreditation as a physical campus university would. Some of the programs are even offered by a traditional university. I used SNHU to finish up an undergraduate degree that I had been working on. Not only did this allow me to continue working from home as I need to, but it allowed me to work at my own pace as well. Since I had been a traditional campus girl my entire life, I definitely did my research prior to paying for my first course. First thing that I looked for was the accreditation. Since SNHU is accredited by NEASC (Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Brown) I felt pretty good about choosing to get my online degree there.

This leads me into accreditation. If you are even considering an online degree, the first thing to check is that. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than spending time and money for all of that to mean nothing. Regional, National, and Professional accreditation basically talk about the curriculum of that school. For example, your curriculum in New England might be different than what you would learn about the South. Think history classes! Regional accredited schools are usually more academically focused.

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Why an online degree might be right for you

  1. If you are working from home, then you probably have some wild hours. Personally, I can get an email any hour of the day. Considering that, I need to be able to find time when I can for other things. If I want to blast through all of my homework for the week because I know I have a work heavy few days coming, I can. On the other hand, I can also just add one thing in at a time to complete my assignments. Another great thing, they actually use real life in the class!
  2. Working a full time job can making getting a degree really difficult. If your job is during the day, then it is pretty hard to make the time. It can also be hard for a later shift too. Usually when classes are going on, you are resting for your next shift.
  3. Hey momma! Raising children is a full time job in itself! An online degree can allow you the freedom to spend time with your children, as well as further your education. Most of the classes that I took for my undergrad were a lot less intense than some that I took through a traditional university. An online degree might be a lot easier to manage.
  4. I feel like most people have no idea what they want to be. When I graduated high school, I honestly had put no plans into what I wanted to do. I was joking with my mother the other day that I just figured out my future plans last year. If you are not ready to commit, then this is a good option. Not only can you still work, travel, or do whatever you want, but it also gives you more time.

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Why I love online degree programs

While you are not getting that “college experience”, you are not missing out on anything. Being in a positive environment is a huge part of success, and college can sometimes get overwhelming. Finishing my degree online not only allowed me to create success outside of my academic career, but it also allowed me to have the best academic results that I ever have had. I was able to invest my time into my classes and program, as well as apply what I was learning to my every day life.

I cannot lie to you, it rules that I don’t have to get up and drag myself to class. You can ask any of my old roommates, that was my biggest issue. With an online degree, you won’t have to worry about the cold weather, snow, being hungover, or the horrible parking situation. You can turn on your laptop, sign it, and get right to work. Another great aspect is that a lot of the programs are accelerated, so you can finish in less time than at a traditional university.

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Have you tried an online degree program or course?

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