5-1 Blog: Top Dog Versus Underdog

The brand rivalry that I have selected is the one between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Coca-Cola has been a huge brand world wide, and is not just a beverage. It has incorporated itself into society as a lifestyle brand as well. Coca-Cola uses segmentation to help create new products for their market. Since the brand does not target one specific market, they focus on general products that their general broad market are interested in. Coca-Cola also uses mass marketing strategies to reach the massive audience they have. Since they sell their products globally, their brand needs to be identifiable. Niche marketing is another relevant strategy for Coca-Cola. They have developed specialized products such as Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Life to reach the demographic of their market that focuses on a more healthy lifestyle. Popular culture has also adopted Coca-Cola with young brand such as Forever 21 merging to create branded clothing and accessories. Pepsi has very similar marketing strategies. They use mass marketing to reach the largest number of consumers that they can. Since similar to their rival, they are a global company, their brand has to be identifiable in various cultures and languages. Segmentation is another huge option for Pepsi. It is a way of specializing their products so that they can please their existing consumers, and bring new ones in as well.

A huge part that Pepsi is missing is their position within popular culture. Niche marketing has created an advantage for Coca-Cola. While Pepsi has products that are comparable, they are often not marketed in similar ways. When Coca-Cola recently released new flavor profiles for their Diet Coke line, they were all over digital media campaigns, in store stands, and on television and print ads. The consumer was able to realize that there were new products, and that stirred up interest. Creating lifestyle surrounding the brand is a great option as well. Not only is it free advertising for the brand, but it makes the brand seem as comparable as Coca-Cola. Another great tool for Pepsi would be to use Influencer Marketing. This allows for the influencer to create content that is in line with the feeling of the brand, and be organic to that specific creator. This can help Pepsi reach out to the audience that creator already has for themselves. This can introduce the brand, or even new products to their consumer market.

For my entire life, I have always heard “Coca-Cola”. Geographically speaking, the South typically refers to all soda as “Coke”. It became something that I instantly knew when I was younger. I feel like most of society has similar feelings with the brand. It also is featured in major attractions such as sporting events, theme parks, and in fashion. Being able to create that connection is crucial to the success of any brand within in a market. Like I previously mentioned, Coca-Cola is more of a lifestyle brand than Pepsi. At a recent family event, my step father mentioned the phrase “He was always there, like a Coke bottle” in reference to the passing of his father. It was this moment that I realized Coca-Cola has always been present in my life.


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