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5 Habits to stop in order to reach your goals

5 Habits to stop in order to reach your goals

When it comes to life, there are so many things that can really get in our way! From physical obstacles to psychological obstacles, it’s hard to catch a break. These obstacles can have a serious impact on if and how you will ever reach your goals. A few months ago, I decided to make a complete change in the way that I think about my actions. This was in part to increase my productivity, but also to check off a few goals that I had created for myself. I’m sharing the 5 habits that I have that have actually helped me reach more goals in my life.

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If you’re not holding yourself accountable for your life, then you are seriously hindering yourself. I used to just pass everything off to the side because I just didn’t want to worry about it. When I began to take accountability for my actions, I was able to accomplish so much more. I became more consistent with blogging, graduated college, and changed to a healthier lifestyle! If you are dealing with negativity or lack of motivation, try and identify the cause. Fear is a major factor in not taking accountability! Fixing internal and external distress can be much simpler than you think. If you seriously want to reach your goals, recognize the importance of yourself.

Start creating a schedule, or plan things out.

Even when I was little, I had a serious obsession with planning everything. Even if we were going to Disney World, I had to know what the plan was for the day. At almost thirty, nothing has changed! Creating a plan gives me a sense of control, and is a great habit to have in order to reach your goals. I’ve created some blogging planners which are completely free to help you organize your thought. Even creating a plan on your phone is a great way to start. I’m starting my graduate program soon, and already have a weekly schedule in order to accomplish all of my personal, professional, and educational goals!

Stop the negative thoughts!

I’ve been reading The Self-Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser the past few days, and she really explained how negative thoughts can keep you down! If you want to reach your goals, then you need to know within yourself that you can! You are just as capable as others, and with the right motivation, can do anything. There have been tons of studies that prove negative thoughts can have serious implications on our body, mind, and soul. I know that you can’t always put those thoughts away, but start loving your flaws!

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Create SMART goals!

No, I’m not talking about just educated goals. SMART goals are goals that you can actually track! Yes, it’s marketing class time! The actual definition of a SMART goal is something that is specific, measurable, attainable, result-focused, and time-bound. This is something that companies use to create goals specific to their marketing strategies, so why can’t you use them? If you are hoping to read more, then say that you are going to read 2 books per month. At the end of the month, you’ll know if you read the books! If you are wanting to blog more, say that you’ll blog three times a week for a month. You get the idea!

Waiting for perfection.

Something that I used to do was wait for the perfect moment. Realistically, perfection is so hard to achieve! If you’re lucky enough to be perfect majority of the time, congrats! Most of the time, there will be something that you dislike or are unhappy about, but that’s really just part of life. Fix what you are able to change, and learn to love what you can’t. Perfection can have an impact on your likeliness to reach your goals, but it doesn’t have to!

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