An ode to the slogan tee, and some of my picks.

I am a super casual gal. You can usually find me in some sort of soft top, some black jeans, and a pair of funky flats or vans. So, when this whole slogan tee trend began, I was completely on board! I have compiled a bunch of my favorite slogan tee together, because, we all need at least one more! Even though we are entering the winter months, these are great layering pieces, and can add a bit of sass to any outfit.

slogan tee

Casual yet on trend? Sign me up!

I have always been a fan of a tee, so it is not shocking that I love this trend. Most of the ones I love are in a traditional color pattern, red, white, or black. I think they look amazing with jeans, leggings, overalls, pretty much anything. I have recently been loving to wear mine with blazers and dark or black denim. It feels clean and modern, but does not appear that you are trying too hard. Topshop is pretty much the queen of slogan tees, but stores like Boohoo and Missguided are definitely following suit, which makes the trend even more affordable.

Some of my slogan tee picks!

Topshop ‘heartless’ motif stripe t-shirt • Topshop • $35
Tee & cake ‘je’maime’ embroidered stripe t-shirt • $40
Topshop ‘self lovin’ slogan t-shirt • Topshop • $30
Topshop Amour slogan t-shirt • Topshop • $30
boohoo Plus Nicola ‘Give Me A Break’ Slogan Tee • boohoo • $18
boohoo Nadia Bad Ass Slogan Ringer Tee • boohoo • $24
boohoo Petite Frankie ‘Hun’ Slogan Tee • boohoo • $16
boohoo Poppy Peachy Oversized T-Shirt • boohoo • $20

There are definitely higher price point tees to keep your eyes out for, but girl, it is a tee! Make sure you are having fun with fashion, but not at a huge cost to your wallet. I think every one has seen the Gucci shirt, but a lot of affordable fashion brands have their own kind, so spend that extra $275 somewhere else!

I’m with the band…

If an ironic slogan tee is not your cup of tea, don’t forget about band tees. While I am particular about what band tees I wear, they are an easy way to “grunge” up an outfit. Picking a band tee is not a simple process. Having some idea of who the band is can be essential in some instances, or you can just throw haters to the side and wear that tee! Most fashion websites have a decent collection of band tees, but here are my favorites!

Bravado Tour Merch Black Sabbath Oversized Band T-Shirt • $12
MadeWorn – Blondie Distressed Printed Cotton-jersey T-shirt – Black • $160
ASOS Curve ASOS CURVE Band Tee with Deep Purple Print • Asos • $14.50
American Eagle Outfitters AE The Clash Band T-Shirt • American Eagle Outfitters • $12.47
boohoo Kate License Red Hot Chilli Peppers Band T-Shirt • boohoo • $24
Urban Outfitters Stevie Nicks Tee • Urban Outfitters • $19.99
Bravado Tour Merch Nas Tour Retro Boyfriend T-Shirt With If I Ruled The World Print • $24
Urban Outfitters Lady Gaga Joanne Tour Tee • Urban Outfitters • $28

How do you style a slogan tee?

Literally anyway you want to! Throw it on with some great jeans and a blazer for a fun night look. Team it up with a trendy skirt to have the skirt be the focus. Plus, the jacket options would be endless on this trend! French inspired slogan tees are a huge trend right now, and so are girl power tops….I may have quite a collection myself. I do not think this trend is going anywhere, and there are already sloan sweatshirts rolling out as well, so get ready!

slogan tee

What is your favorite way to wear a slogan tee?


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