ASMR, the internet’s favorite sleeping trend

Alright, it is time to get a little weird around here. If you haven’t heard of ASMR, then where have you been? Not only is this all over the internet, but it has been going on for a lot longer than you think. As an OG follower of the ASMR trend, I felt like it was finally time to talk about it. I honestly haven’t eve spoken to any friends or family about this, so, let’s get into it!


First off, what is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Basically, this refers to a “tingly” sensation that you may get when you experience certain sounds or sensations. This idea relies on triggers and visualizations to try and relax you. This sensation is not experienced by everyone, but I find it as a great way to chill after a long day. I think something important to remember about this is that it does not substitute for any sort of medical treatment. It is basically an alternative to meditation, and I am all about that.

I have been using ASMR as a sort of relaxation method for over five years. I use it primarily before I go to sleep, but I also use it during the day when I am stressed out, or just feeling dull. This came to me by way of searching for meditations online. My preferences have definitely changed over the years, and I am going to go more into who I listen to, and what I actually prefer.


What can ASMR “treat”?

I tend to suffer from some insomnia, and I am currently experiencing that full on. Although ASMR does not typically put me to sleep, it definitely helps me calm down. As I have mentioned on my blog, anxiety and depression are something I deal with on a very regular basis. ASMR helps me slow my mind down, and allows me to dispel negative energy that I may be experiencing that day. While it is not a fix all, it feels pretty good to get rid of any sort of negative vibes that I may be experiencing.

If you are lucky enough to really experience the tingle sensation, then I am so jealous. It basically starts at the top of scalp, and it travels down your spine. I have experienced it a few times in my life, but those are few and far between. Some people experience it all the time, and I think it is worth checking out. Plus, it is free, so I mean…why not?

What can you expect with ASMR?

It is so important to remember that this is not a solution to a problem. You can, however, expect to find joy in sounds and visuals that you experience every single day. Some of my favorite options are things that literally happen every day, but I am often too distracted to focus on them. If you are unsure what to look for, then I highly suggest checking out a video with a lot of different triggers. This is going to help you find what you enjoy the most.


Who do I love?

GentleWhisperingASMR: Maria is one of the original ASMR artists that I ever watched. She has always had really high quality videos, and has even had national recognition for the work that she does. I think she is a solid place to start if this is a new concept to you.

LilyWhispersASMR: Lily is basically a beauty guru meets ASMR queen. Majority of her videos relate to beauty products, and as a solid makeup lover, I am all over that. If you love makeup, skincare, and the sounds that go along, then she is one to watch.

WhispersRedASMR: Emma kind of crosses ASMR into reality. She ventures across the globe to include us in events and spas that feature ASMR as part of their services. Be sure to check out Whisper Lodge on her channel. It brings you into the experience first hand, even though you are just watching it.

MassageASMR: Honestly, Dmitri is the king of crinkles. Be sure to watch his videos if you want a true sound of an item, and some things that you would never expect to hear. Let me know once you find out what “Silver Soap” is, and then let’s have a full on conversation about how perfect it is!


Have you ever checked out ASMR? Who are your favorite content creators?



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