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Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Benefit has recently dropped a mascara bomb on the beauty community. Bad Gal Bang has been all over your favorite beauty blogs, and has been stocked in every store where Benefit is sold. Since this mascara has been so hyped up, I decided to give it a try. As someone who usually leans toward drugstore mascaras, this is pretty out of character for me. So, should you be doing out to pick up Bad Gal Bang? Keep reading to find out!

bad gal bang

Coming in with a Bad Gal Bang!

If you watch Youtube, then you have seen the incredible product parties for Bad Gal Bang. It honestly takes a lot for me to get hyped up about a mascara. Either they really work for me, or they don’t. I am always willing to give something a shot, and I have to say…I am glad that I did. Bad Gal Bang features aero particles. So not only is this giving you the volume that we all want, but it isn’t going to weigh down your lashes either. Product weighing down my lashes is actually something I struggle with, and one of my biggest pet peeves about mascara.

Not only does this contain some wild space technology to lift your lashes into the next galaxy, but Bad Gal Bang also has a pretty interesting brush to go along with it. It almost guarantees a perfect application! The cone shaped brush contains 300 bristles. These bristles have basically been chopped in half. This makes for a curved and flat side on each bristle. While the curved side is lifting up those lashes, the flat side is pushing the product to coat each single lash. The wand is also super flexible so you can get the perfect coat, no matter the shape of you eye.

bad gal bang

But, how does Bad Gal Bang wear?

I am so glad you asked! The product itself claims to wear 36 hours, but I honestly cannot remember a time when I have needed mascara on that long. I can say that it does last as long as I need it to. The most important aspect of this is how the mascara wears. The formula of Bad Gal Bang is really wet, and usually that makes me nervous. With the interesting brush this comes with, it actually works really well. It coats the lashes, but does not give that stiff vibe that mascaras can sometimes give. The jet black pigment makes for a super dark lash, and is perfect for what I look for in a mascara.

Bad Gal Bang also contains Vitamin b5 which helps to condition your lashes. So while your lashes could power a windmill, they are also getting healthier! The formula is resistant to water, humidity, and sweat too! If you live in a humid place, then you understand the importance of this! Even though it is resistant to water, it is also very easy to remove. No pulling or tugging required! Bad Gal Bang also does not flake off or smear, so it will stay looking great all day long!

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bad gal bang

Are you going to try out Bad Gal Bang? What is your favorite product from Benefit?

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