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How to beat the blogging slump

If you are a blogger, than I am sure you have had this happen to you at least once, the blogging slump. If you’re new, then it will probably happen eventually. For most of us, blogging is a hobby and it allows us the freedom to be as active or inactive as we choose. The problem with that is the future of your blog. Growth relies on consistency and quality. A blogging slump can severely impact that. I am going to give you some tips to get you out of that slump, and to prevent it for the future.


If you have been around for some time, then you know that I have been in a slump myself. School took over, and time was literally slipping through my fingers. I have been making sure to be more present around here, as well as various other social media platforms. Blogging is an amazing way to have a creative outlet. It also can be relaxing depending on the route you take. Here are my tips to help you out, and guess what, these are tips that I am currently using myself as well!

Be yourself, that is what you are best at.

The best thing about your blog is that it is yours, duh. If you feel like talking about your favorite makeup palette one day and then an amazing travel experience the next day, then go for it. Usually writing about things that interest you, or fall under a category of something you would read are great ways to keep going and stay consistent with your blog. I have been able to find my passion again just by writing about things that excite me.

Take a break from your blog…

While I am talking about slumps and consistency, it is nice to have a break from the online universe we have created for ourselves. Schedule out a few days a month where you focus on the world you live in. Hangout with your friends, grab dinner with your family, read a book, whatever you want to do. Taking a break acts like a recharge, and sometimes can allow you to brainstorm ideas like crazy!


Plan things out, and stay organized!

Girl, you know that I don’t plan things in advance. It is a burden that I have dealt with my entire life, seriously, ask my mom! An easy way to maintain consistency is to just have a schedule. Say you want to post three times a week, or you want to post every two days, or heck, every day if you want to. This will allow you time to breathe as well as time to make sure the quality of what you are putting out is the quality that you want to put out.

Think about why you began your blog in the first place

 I actually had to do this pretty early on in my slump. I felt like I was not growing, that I was losing interest from my audience, and that this work I was doing was not being appreciated. Guess what, I started my blog for me, and that was really the only person I had to impress. If you don’t take anything away but this tip, this is the best one to take. If you can’t make yourself happy with something that you are doing, then that reflects through your content, and yes, your readers can tell.

Read your favorite blogs!

This is by far my favorite tip that I can offer you. I love reading my favorite blogs, I love looking at their amazing photos, and that is inspiration enough. I get this amazing drive when I see other bloggers out there and doing their thing! If you are not working on something yourself, then get out there and share some love for people who are giving consistent quality. You know how difficult it is after all!

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