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Steps I take to try and make better content for my blog

Why should you care about making better content?

In the world, it seems like everyone has a blog right now! Even where I live, I’m shocked by all of the people that blog. In an oversaturated market, how can you make sure that your content is standing out? Creating better content is actually way easier than you think it is. Ever since I began blogging, I have been on a quest to constantly make my blog better than it has been in the past. Someone on Twitter mentioned that there is always something new to learn in the blogging industry, and that couldn’t be truer.

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Make sure you love the content you are creating

This can be applied to all areas of your life. If you aren’t doing something that you love, it is way more noticeable than you think it is. I chose not to really fall into any specific niche because I wanted to be able to write about whatever I wanted to. I’ve really never been one for labels, and I sure wasn’t going to start with my blog. If you are writing about topics you love, you’re instantly going to be far more passionate about your content. The more passion that is in your writing, the more personality you will show. Writing with passion and personality are far more enjoyable to read! I feel like I used to try and push myself to create content that just wasn’t me. We all have multiple passions, so write about them! I love marketing, beauty, and lifestyle tips, so I write about them. Finding your niche really isn’t necessary to be successful. Yeah, I said it!

It’s really about quality, not quantity

I know that you’re probably sick of hearing this, but it is true! Take the time to really be proud of what you are creating. From your blog to your social media, hundreds¬†or thousands of people are going to see it, and you want it to be the best it can be. Even if that means putting out fewer blog posts than your peers, that is fine! Whatever it takes for you to create better content, do that! By taking the time to focus on the quality of your blog post, you’re going to providing more value to your readers. After all, they are taking the time out of their life to read your content. Sometimes I am still shocked that people read this blog! There are times that I will blog every single day, but I have found out that every other day is a better routine for me. I actually have most of my blog posts created and ready far before they go up.

better content

Make sure that the information you are providing is correct

I recently did a post about being a more responsible blogging, and it has been something that I am really aware of when it comes to creating content. If I’m talking about a beauty product, I try and make the content I put into the post as accurate as possible. Disclosure and Privacy Policy are items you really need for your blog, but you never want to have to really use them. As bloggers, we are providing information that provides some sort of education. Even if that education is just in the form of the traits of the newest eyeshadow palette. If you are unsure about it, don’t be afraid to research that topic. There is enough fake information out there, you don’t want to be adding to it.

Be honest, ethical, and legal

There are some serious conversations being had about the legality of the blogging world. Your blog is your business, and you need to treat it as such. Making better content is easy when you know what you’re writing about, but also that you’re within the laws! The FTC is cracking down on bloggers and influencers more than ever, and to be fair, that is exciting! I’m ready for the blogging world to be more honest! While it technically isn’t going to change your content, it will ensure that you are being honest with your readers. As I have mentioned in the past, building a relationship with your readers is crucial. As with real-life relationships, they need to be based on trust!

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What steps do you take to create better content?



  1. November 26, 2018 / 10:54 pm

    I really like the thought behind this post. You’re totally right, in an oversaturated market it’s important to blog responsibly by ethically sharing accurate information. I think authenticity is very key as well! More and more I see bloggers lose their credibility and become disingenuous. It’s important to stay true to yourself and not give into pressures that the comparison game puts on us.

    xoxo – Kelly

    • admin
      November 27, 2018 / 9:09 am

      So true! So many people read blogs now, and it is important to be as factual as possible! I can’t imagine how horrible I would feel if something bad happened to a person that saw something on my blog! Thanks so much for reading!

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