Breakfast foods to pick up on your next shopping trip.

Breakfast is something that I am terrible at remembering. I usually wake up at odd times, and I do not get too hungry early. One thing I have noticed is that if I have foods that I know are good for me, I am more likely to eat. Another great thing about the food I have listed is that you can find these anywhere you go. Keep reading to find out more!


Get your breakfast scramble on!

This would not even be a valid post if I did not mention eggs. I personally love scrambled eggs, but however you cook them is totally up to you. Not only are they an inexpensive source of protein, they 7 different nutrients that are part of your recommended diet. Oh yeah, did I mention that they also contain antioxidants that help to reduce the effects of aging on our eyes. They literally help you see more of your life! Who doesn’t want that?! Before you go out and buy the cheapest eggs you can find, let’s talk about an even better kind of egg to purchase. Pastured eggs contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to help fight off heart disease. Oh by the way, these can also help hair growth!

I still do not like blueberries.

Okay, I will be the first person to talk about how much I hate blueberries. As an adult, I have learned to eat things that are good for me, because it is way easier than having to fight a disease later. Blueberries are one of the strongest antioxidants ever, so girl, eat them up! These babies fight aging, and can actually help to reverse damages done. These are also brain boosters! Eating these can protect your brain from degeneration, and boost focus and memory. I try and eat these before I have class, your girl needs some focus. Oh hey, by the way, since these are known for being inflammatory, so this can help out your skin too! These are amazing to eat if you have sun damage. PS: These help your vision too!


Breakfast means yogurt?

Another thing I have just learned to accept. I have figured out ways to make it taste much better, thankfully, usually throw in some fruit, a ton of granola, and honey. I basically just fool myself into thinking I am eating some sort of cereal, haha. Obviously Greek Yogurt is the best kind to eat, so keep that in mind when you are out shopping! Yogurt is a great source of protein, and is great for people who have difficulty digesting lactose. You have probably heard your parents talk about probiotics, which just help to boost your immune system and make sure you stomach is in good shape, they are great for you! Start now! This also has B-12 in it, so it makes it amazing for vegetarians to get nutrients that are only normally found in animal products.

All tea, no shade!

Alright, I am not a coffee drinker! I know, who am I? I am a huge fan of tea though. Be it sweet, unsweet, or just good and hot, I love to drink it. It is a great alternative to start your day as well. You still get some benefits from the tea itself, as well as a dosage of caffeine you may need to wake up in the morning. I personally have a heart condition, so I really have to monitor the amount of caffeine that I drink. Some herbal blends have no tea, and most traditional teas have half of what you can find in coffee. My grandmother has sworn by tea as a weight loss aid for years, and I am pretty slim myself, so I guess it must work! Oh yeah, tea has been proven to have less erosion on your tooth enamel!


That brunch life!

Another great breakfast drink! I love orange juice for so many reasons. The main one being the taste is fantastic, the second being that it is packed full of amazing things that your body needs, and I mean….lastly it is orange (GO VOLS!). This is perfect to get some Vitamin C in your daily life. This is the best thing to prevent diseases, and we are about to enter flu season, so start chugging it now! This can help to lower your cholesterol as well girl, and even helps to prevent kidney stones. You know if you have ever had one, they are awful (so I’ve heard). If you are feeling frisky, you can add champagne for a nice mimosa as well (if you are of the legal drinking age and not driving, obviously!


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