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The Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Trio has arrived to make your future glow!

Let me introduce you to the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Trio

If you can remember, Charlotte Tilbury came out with the infamous Bar of Gold highlighter. Not only did this sell out super fast, but it made its’ mark on the makeup world. While I was browsing the CT Makeup website a while back, I stumbled across the Bar of Gold Trio! Not only did it include the infamous highlighter, but it expanded on that idea, and created two additional shades to give you options for your glow. As you can imagine, an order was placed before I even knew what happened.

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This palette comes with three shades. You get the OG Bar of Gold, Rose Gold, and Gold Bullion. Bar of Gold is the highlighter that sold out, and the other two are completely new to the palette. Rose Gold is a gorgeous pink toned shade and Gold Bullion is a rich bronze tone. Each shade has a distinct appearance on the skin, so you won’t be running into that pesky problem of them looking the same. It also comes in an amazing compact that keeps everything safe, oh, and it has a mirror! Score! There is also a cute imprint that makes each powder look like a bar of gold as well!

Bar of Gold Trio

Bar of Gold Trio Shades:

Bar of Gold: This is a really soft gold shade that almost leans towards a champagne shade in my opinion. This is going to work with all skin tones for a light sheen on the skin. Like I stated, if you are looking for a blinding highlight, this is probably not the product for you.

Rose Gold: If you can imagine what a rose gold highlight would look like, this is probably it! It has a perfect balance of rosey pink and a gold glisten to your skin. On my pale skin, this does lean more towards pink than gold, but it is still gorgeous and really makes the palette for me!

Gold Bullion: Ugh, this is such a gorgeous bronze shade! It is so much deeper than the other two within this palette, and just slightly on the copper side. I think this is going to be incredible on deeper skin-tones, and would be great as a fun eyeshadow shade as well!

Bar of Gold Trio

Let’s talk about how they perform….

As you probably know, I’m pretty pale when it comes to my skin-tone. That being said, I find this to be more of an illuminating powder than a highlighter. When I think of highlighter, I am thinking of my ABH Nicole Guerriero palette, which could blind someone! I find that there is a sheen on my skin when I use these powders, and it honestly seems like it comes from within almost. The powder is incredibly creamy, and is almost undetectable on my skin. They apply beautifully, and I haven’t had any issues with any sort of reaction to my skin so far.

Bar of Gold Trio

I’ve used this product as a typical highlighting product, but have used it on my eyes and various parts of my body as well. The Bar of Gold color could be more “gold” in my opinion, but I understand how it works within the palette. The formula is incredibly creamy as I mentioned. You won’t be dealing with any chunks of glitter or shimmer with this powder which is something that I tend to deal with in highlighters. From what I know, I’m pretty sure there are small gold pearls in this product as well? I can’t say that I have witnessed that through using it, but it is beautiful. At $58 dollars, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted makeup fan. I will say that this is an amazing formula thought! You can find it at Charlotte Tilbury!

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