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Content Marketing: Paid or organic promotion?

We now know about content marketing, what a relief! Since this is something that I have a working knowledge of, as well as an education background I figured I would continue. After we have created our content, then next step is to promote it. While promotion can seem intimidating, this is usually the easiest step. I am going to explain different types of promotion. Next are some of the best methods to really get your information to the perfect audience. Let’s get started!


Before we dive in, let’s talk about content

If you missed my previous post about content marketing, then check that out here! Now that we are all back together, what content are you trying to promote? What is content that catches your eye? What made the last content that you remember stand out for you? These are all questions to ask yourself before you even think about promoting your new content. The next series of questions you can ask yourself are going to be how you found this information? Were you reading a blog, did you see a post on social media, or did your best friend tell you? Promotion is finding a way to share content through various media channels. I know that most of us think that promotion relates back to digital marketing, but that is not always the case. The range of media channels can be anything that counts as a way to share information. Blogs, social media, live events, books, you get the idea. The more channels you can interact with, the better your rate of promotion will be.

Channels are not just for television!

When I entered my first marketing class, I was so confused. I heard the term channel, and all I could think about was Food Network. Channels are ways for content to reach an audience. We need channels because those allow us to not only connect with our existing audience, but we can also reach out to people who we are not already connected with. There are constantly new channels coming out, which gives us an even bigger chance of promotion. The idea is to spend less time creating content, and more time promoting the high quality content that we make. The perfect ratio is about 40% creating, and 60% promoting. Why is promoting such an essential part of marketing? This helps us get our content to the audience that cares, and also the audience that needs it. Promoting is selling your content. Even if you are just promoting your recent blog post, you are selling that information to someone. There does not have to be any exchange of currency, you are receiving their time and patronage as payment. Communicating value to your audience can help to create relationships, which we know can lead strangers to promoters.


So, why should we promote content?

Most people will see your content before they ever speak to you. Talk about a first impression! If you are not putting the best content out there, then that could be costing you an audience, or a client. Promoting content can solve this issue. We promote content to drive traffic to our website, blog, or business. This allows us to increase engagement, and that helps us build relationships. There are quite a few different types of promotion, and what you pick is going to be directly related to your needs. It can be digital promotion through online platforms, or it can be in your local magazine. If you have a blog offering beauty products, then you want a larger range than someone offering a root canal special on a Tuesday. Either way, promoting content is catching someone’s eye, and there are two different ideas of content promotion.

Organically promoting content

If you are new to marketing, then you probably are not sure exactly what organic means. Organic marketing is a way of increasing your brand’s visibility. This is the process of really maximizing your marketing abilities, while spending no money! We all want to save as much money as we can. Most bloggers or businesses are utilizing organic promotion already. These can be channels such as search engine optimization, direct email marketing, social media, utilizing influencers, and of course our the old fashioned way! What is so great about an organic promotion? It allows us to really see how our audience reacts to our content. We can use multiple platforms to really push brand authority to the threshold. An issue we face with organic promotion is the need to have fresh and interesting content as regularly as we can. On the opposite spectrum, we have paid promotion.


Paying for promotion

Some people see this as unfair. What is unfair about catering your content to a certain audience? Paid promotions allow you to fully customize your promoted content to a specific audience, and have a specific message. The downside of paid promotion is the money that it can cost. Most businesses have a budget set aside for this, but when you are starting out, it is hard to allocate those costs. A great way to begin this is to set a small budget, and compare the reaction to reactions form organically promoted content. Paid promotions can include search engine ads, or social media ads. These are ideal because we can have our content reach the people that actually need it. We are able to bypass those who it would not be relevant to.

How can we decide between the two?

When deciding if you should pay for promoted content, ask yourself some questions. Is the content that you want to promote performing well? Are your ideas for the advertisements worth the money that you will have to put forth? Some websites will tell you what your best posts are, and you can use that as a starting point to experiment with promotion. What is the best set up for a paid promotion? People react to images, we all love visuals so put some in! Have a call-to-action, which tells your audience what you want from them. Finally, make sure you have a link to give them. Hook them with a picture, and they will want to find out more. I always recommend pushing organic promotion as far as you can, but do not count out paid in the future.


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    Well written article on content marketing. From this one can be able to make an informed decision whether to go for paid or organic traffic.

    • admin
      October 18, 2017 / 1:27 pm

      Thank you so much! I definitely hope it helps someone.

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