How to create content ideas

If you are a writer, then you probably have experienced some lack of content ideas. As a content creator, you know that this can impact your blog, website, or business quickly. You gather an audience by sending out new content that draws their attention. If you have no new content, then usually we do not have an audience rolling in. Content creation is an easy process, and there are multiple ways to come up with ideas. Continuing on our adventure in content marketing, let’s talk about ideas.

content ideas

Why do you need a process?

You probably have thought of at least fifty content ideas today. No matter what you are doing throughout your day, the mind is constantly turning. How can I do this better? What would happen if I did this? Tomorrow I should finish this. You get the idea. Since your job is feeding off of the ideas that you come up with, content is important. Having new and exciting ideas is in the job requirements for being someone who deals in content.

Having a process can allow you to have consistent content. You don’t always have genius moments where creativity is flowing, it is okay! This can also help you dive deeper into ideas that may just be vague. As I have mentioned before, you always want your content to be in-depth. You want to provide your audience with new information, something that keeps them coming back. Creating content ideas is honestly just part of the game!

I have pretty busy days, and having a process allows me to push out my content without feeling stressed. When you begin to feel stressed, that is when you can hit a slump. Stemming off of your ideas is a great way to find new ideas that may be more specific. There will always come a day when all of your ideas are bad. If you have a process with ideas created at other times, then you will still have content and be able to complete your work. Having a predictable flow allow you to have original content! Relevancy and quality are always important when creating content.

content ideas

Where can you find your ideas?

Your ideas are actually part of a process! Content creation is basically just old information with a new spin, connection, or sometimes new information. There are four steps to a content creation process. The first is to gather your material. You always need to research whatever you are discussing. Not only is it going to create validity in your content, but it also gives you a better understanding of the material. Gathering material can be done by just consuming content. Blogs, books, documentaries, and whatever else you can find is going to help you. When you are reading and consuming material, it is vital to keep a record of what you find. Write down ideas, keep a journal, or do a voice reminder in your phone. Anything to keep the hard work you just did accessible to your mind.

After you have done your research, you need time to digest the material. Read over your findings and find out how those ideas connect. Like we have mentioned in previous posts, the key to creating content is entertaining and educating your audience. Find something that they may not know about. Creating those connections, relationships, or combinations is really going to make a difference.

You need time to process what you have found. Go do something that takes your mind completely off of what your topic is. This is going to help you come up with ideas, I promise! Your unconscious mind is a powerful thing, and it is working even when you do not think it is. This leads to the last step in the process, your eureka moment! Write down your content ideas when they come to you so that you do not lose them.

content ideas

Let’s create some content ideas!

When coming up with ideas, your process will probably be different than anyone else. We all think, learn, and create in different manners. When creating ideas, you need to consider  a few questions. Who are you writing for, what are their typical reading habits? What is popular on Quora? What are your competitors doing? You also should be checking your SEO! As I have mentioned, we want our readers to know we care. Find out what they are interested in reading. Use Buzzsumo to check your most popular posts, and you can check your competitors too! This site tells you which of your posts are most popular on social media. You can also use Quora to find what questions people are asking. This is a great way to get some ideas. Search your usual keywords on the site. If you have a particular set of keywords that you create content around, learning exactly what people are wanting to know is almost a writing prompt. Answer their questions, become a resource for them, and keep them coming back!



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