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Creating your own happiness

Happiness seems like a pretty hard thing to come by lately. I know that in my own life, it seems like something comes up every time I turn around. Although times can get difficult, it is important to “find the happy” in every day things. That is going to be different for everyone, but I love reading about what people love and enjoy. Hopefully this post finds you something you already love, or something new!


Create your happiness

Yeah, it is pretty simple to do! Creating this blog helped me to find my happiness. Not only did it become a creative outlet for me and my thoughts, but it is a great step for a career too. Not only has blogging allowed me to experience an incredible side of my that I never would have found otherwise, but it has also made me some amazing friends, and introduced me to a ton of people. I have an entire blog post on how to start your own blog, which I think is super easy to do! Reading blogs was always a source of entertainment for me, and it eventually became something I look forward to. Creating content is actually fun, and I bet that you could do it too!

If blogging is not your thing, then pick up a hobby that can double as a side hustle! While money is not the root of happiness, it is fun to have. Especially if you have a creative skill, there is always someone out there looking for that exact skill. I am horrible at art, but I love to find new amazing prints off of Etsy or Society 6. Decorating my walls with amazing artwork definitely makes me happy. Which leads us into my next point…


Surround yourself with happiness

I’ve talked about how important your environment is before. Interior design is definitely one of my favorite things to plan out, and it is definitely something that can make a huge difference to your life. I won’t be telling you what to put in your house, but find a cool pillow, and that would help! You can also just go to your favorite part of wherever you live. If you have a gorgeous park you love to go to, an Instagram-worthy coffee shop, or anywhere that inspires you, go visit!

In addition to just traveling locally, you can also use it to go on a trip! There are so many great deals for summer out there. Depending on where you want to go, some are even under $300 dollars! ┬áTraveling to me is not just a way of seeing the world, but it is a great way to reset your mind. I’ve had some incredible breakthrough moments on vacation! Sometimes it just takes getting away from reality!


Protect your happiness too!

One of the biggest complications we can experience is someone trying to take our happiness from us. Toxic people are something that we all deal with, and honestly, you can’t keep them away. When I feel like I am getting toxic energy from someone, I usually push them as far away as I can. Is that immature? Slightly. Is it better than dealing with unwarranted negativity? Absolutely! It’s pretty important to keep yourself in a positive mind space. There is enough negativity that we have to deal with on a regular basis.


What are your happiness tips?



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