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5 Ways to deal with negativity, and how to get rid of it for good!

Why do we need to deal with negativity?

I think we all are aware of the impact that negativity can have on our lives! In our society, we have to deal with negativity on a daily basis. Here is my question to you, why are we dealing with it?! Personally, I can tell a difference in how my brain functions when I am in a negative situation versus when I’m feeling some positive vibes. A great thing is that those around me can call me out when I’m being negative, and that allows me to sort everything out in my mind. I’ve compiled the five ways that I deal with negativity, and how you can start to eliminate it in your life too!

deal with negativity

If you aren’t taking care of yourself, start now!

Taking care of yourself is actually an amazing way to deal with negativity. If I spend too much energy, negativity can seriously take over my day. My mother for years has told me that she knows when I’m “burning the candle at both ends”. I keep myself busy, but I do enjoy taking time to focus on myself. My blog originally began as a way to take care of myself. Not only does it act as a creative outlet, but I can also use this platform to talk about everything I want to as well. Take an hour or two out of your week to do something for you. I have a huge list of self care tips to get you started right here! In addition to taking care of yourself mentally, try and focus on your physical health as well. Your physical health has a huge impact on your mental health.

In order to deal with negativity, you need to take responsibility!

Oh my goodness, this is such an important part when it comes to finding ways to deal with negativity. As lame as this will sound, I spent years not taking responsibility in my own life. If something wasn’t going my way, it was the world’s fault, not mine. Not only does learning to take responsibility help you deal with negativity, but it can seriously change your entire life. Dealing with life head on sucks, I’m not going to lie. I’ve had to do so many things that have been uncomfortable, but they needed to be done. If you know that you are in a negative feeling, take responsibility for that and fix it yourself. As great as it is to have friends and family call you out, you need to understand how to fix it yourself too.

deal with negativity

Focus on your future

A lot of my negativity comes when I am working towards something. As a blogger, I deal with feeling negative all of the time! I feel like I’m not good enough, or that I’m better than someone else. Creating goals is part of life, and if you aren’t doing that now, START! Through your life, there are so many annoying hiccups that happen. I probably get annoyed at least once a day, but that just helps me know how to deal with negativity. I sit back and ask myself if this is worth my time, and usually it is not. Something else to consider is how you react to situations! In the age of social media, everything you do is available for the public, and once you get to your goal, you don’t want something from the past to ruin it. Seriously.

You are a reflection of who you spend time with

This legitimately took me years to figure out. It was only until someone pointed it out to me about two years ago that it never occurred to me! If you are hanging out with negative people, that is who you will become. While you are around certain people, you begin to take on those traits from that person. If you have a friend who is incredibly motivating, you will find motivation easier. That one friend that is never happy, good luck finding happiness girl! You get my drift, right? I’m not saying to go through your phone and delete everyone, but focus on which relationships are important to you. When I was attending Blogher 2018 in NYC this year, Tiffany Thiessen said something that really resonated with me. Basically, you won’t be able to fill your own bucket by emptying someone else’s.

deal with negativity

You can actually train your brain, no joke!

While I was wasting time on Facebook the other day, someone shared this article from This is actually what really inspired this entire blog post! If you live in negativity, that is what you are going to be. A few years ago, I felt awful about myself, and I was not doing what I should have been doing, basically! Over the past few years, I have hung up my bad girl ways, and you know how I did that? I literally trained my brain to focus on myself for once. I can successfully say that just focusing on myself really helped me change my entire life. If you can think it, then you can make it a reality!

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What do you do to deal with negativity?



  1. Hannah Hay | A Life Transformed
    September 21, 2018 / 8:48 pm

    I seriously love this post! These are all such great tips, especially about who you hang out with is who you’ll become! So important.

    • admin
      September 21, 2018 / 8:50 pm

      Thanks Hannah! All of these are things that I have to constantly remind myself!

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