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DIY Disney Denim Jacket

I’m a massive Disney fan, and my family and I go quite often. For years, I have always talked about creating my own denim jacket covered with Disney specific patches. With two Disney trips right around the corner, I decided now was the perfect time. So, if you are as into patches as I am, love Disney, and have an obsession with denim jackets, this is the right place for you. A Disney denim jacket that even Mickey would approve of!

Disney denim jacket

How to DIY a custom Disney denim jacket

It is probably the punk kid inside of me that loves patches. I’ve been annoying my mom with covering jackets in patches since the dawn of time. Although there are tons of pre-designed options available at some of my favorite shops, there is nothing like a solid DIY project, right? I found all of these patches on Etsy, and I feel like they are all incredibly reasonable too. The denim jacket is from Target, but you can honestly find these anywhere, or even use one that you already have.

Where to find the Disney patches!

Miss Mouse Red Bow Heihei patch / Disney Figment / Hocus Pocus Book  / Walt’s Compass  /  Jessica Rabbit  / Galaxy Princess  / Hang loose Mickey / Plaque  / Ghost Host  / Anti Social Mouse Club

Let’s assemble our DIY Disney denim jacket!

  1. This is the most important step, seriously. Make sure that you wash and dry your denim jacket. This is going to help your patches stay onto your jacket.
  2. Lay out where you want your patches to go. If there is a design plan to your jacket, then this is another important step.
  3. Warm up your iron, find a thin piece of fabric to protect your jacket and patch, and get ready to iron!
  4. Place the fabric between the patch and the jacket, then press down for about 20 seconds to adhere your patch. After that, turn the jacket inside out, and then press down on the patch again. You can also add a few hand stitches to secure the patch even further if you want to.
  5. Continue with the rest of the patches until they are all placed, and then wear that baby to death!

When it comes to wash your jacket, make sure that you have it on a warm temperature, and the most gentle that you can do. It is also a great idea to turn the jacket inside out to protect the patches even further. While this is AMAZING at the parks, don’t be afraid to wear your denim jacket whenever you feel like it. Everyone loves a bit of Disney in their life!

disney denim jacket

Which patch is your favorite?






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