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What you need to know about domain and page authority as a blogger

What are domain and page authority, and why should you care?

domain and page authority

When I first started to blog, this was something that I read about all over the place! I was unsure about what they were, and which I needed to focus on. After some formal training, years of blogging under my belt, and literally tons of research, I’ve finally figured it out! So, what are the actual differences in domain and page authority?

  • Domain Authroity is essentailly how well your blog can perform on a search engine. This is based off of a 0-100 scale. Suprisingly enough, it is actually easier for newer websites to build up this number. The average falls between 40-50.
  • Page Authroity is how well a specific page will perform on a site. Also based on a scale of 0-100, and the average falls between 40-50 as well.

Your domain and page authority can be different, and this isn’t that uncommon. Even my authroity numbers are different from each other. Another important score that you can find is the Moz Rank. This is a way to check the popularity of your blog, and it can signify the importance of your site to readers. This scale is 0-10, and the average is about 3.

What you need to know about domain and page authority.

The most important thing to remember when working on you domain and page authority is that these numbers take time to build. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula to changing these numbers overnight. What is important to know is that good things come to those who wait! As your blog gets older, the domain gets stronger over time. Even if your blog is two years old, that is considered new in the domain and page authority world!

The good news is that you can check your numbers quite easily. If you Google “What’s my page authority”, there will be hundereds of links that allow you to check your number. Some even better news is that as long a you aren’t at 1, you are doing great! All sites start at 1, so make a small goal to keep growing yours.

domain and page authority

How can you have an impact on your domain and page authority?

One of the biggest ways you can work on your scores is to really take care of your SEO! I’ve talked about SEO so much, but it is important in so many ways. I’ve done quite a few posts about the importance of keyword placement, alt text in images, and why you need to start backlinking right now! SEO is another one of those weird parts of blogging that I had to learn over time. A few classes also helped along the way!

Get your blog out there! Domain and page authority deal with links, and you want your link to be as many places as possible. I’ll go ahead and say that you should never spam anything on your blog, or anyone elses. What will help is linking to products you talk about, linking other bloggers that you love, and commenting on other blogs. Sharing other’s links not only helps you, but it helps them out too! Share the love! Additionally, don’t be afraid to leave a comment on a really popular blog. Make sure that it adds value to the conversation!

Finally, internal linking! This is something that is really part of updating older blog posts. You want your blog to keep the attention of the reader. Try and link to at least two to three older posts in every post you create. You can also link to an entire category of posts as well. That is one of my favorite things to do! Also, the higher your domain and page authority, the more traffic you could have!

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