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How you can drink more water by tomorrow!

Drinking water is something we all need to do more of. Even if you think that you are drinking enough water on a daily basis, you probably are not. I know that I do not drink enough water, not even close. While sitting and working the other day, I thought about some easy ways to consume more water. Although the benefits for our body and skin should be enough, it is easy to forget, so let’s try and do these together!


So, why should we put down our soda?

Mainly, your skin looks better! Nothing looks as good as hydrated skin, and it will save you TONS of money on skincare, because you won’t need it! Still use that skincare though, because nothing is better than good skincare. If you are worried about your diet, then water will help. It will help with weight loss, and if you are like me, then it may save you from your random snacking habits! The world is also full of these crazy water infusions that have quite a few benefits. From skin clearing, to pain relieving, to increasing your sex drive, there is something for everyone. You can also add fruits and vegetables to your water. This makes your water even more beneficial, and helps you to get all of your daily nutrients in!


Here are some easy ways to consume more water…

So, we have some reasons to start. How we can put down our sodas/teas/beers/wines/starbucks/sixth makers and coke, whatever you are drinking. Trust me girl, I have always tried to tell myself that there is water in the soda that I am drinking, and that counts right? No, it doesn’t, don’t try and pull that one on me. I know better! So, here are some tips on how to drink more water! There’s an app for that! App stores are full of ways to hack your life, and there is this one app that I used to have called I think Plant Nanny? Maybe? You got a little seed, and you had to drink water to make the plant grow up. So basically, it pulls at your heart strings. Whatever, it used to work until I became lazy.

Buy a cute cup, and make sure you use a straw. This is the one thing that works for me, I will always buy really cute cups that I like to carry around, and it tells my brain to drink it. I have no idea why, but it works very well. My final piece of advice, and something I do also is I set goals. Oh, commercial break? Drink as much as I can before my show comes back on. Bathroom Break? Drink a glass right after. Little things like this make it like a challenge, and actually make it fun for you to do. Having little goals is a great way to improve your overall mood, eliminate stress, and get healthy without realizing.

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