Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

  • What was done successfully to meet the wants and needs of the target audience?

The Tampa International Airport recovered a lost item by a passenger. A young boy left a stuffed tiger in the play area, and an employee recovered the lost item. The family had called, and they wanted to know if it was left. After the employee recovered the item, the operations manager took the tiger on a small tour of the airport, and took photos of the tiger seeing all of the sights that there were to see there. After the images were taken, a small hardcover book was made for the young boy to have upon retrieval of his beloved toy.

  • How was the social and consumer experience addressed? Was this done successfully? Explain.

The TPA has been known to have a great customer service base. The airport went above and beyond the standard service provided. They could have just placed the tiger in lost and found. To show the customer service quality of the airport, they posted it to their Twitter and Facebook. Due to the genuine kindness of the post, it soon became viral, and was posted in many countries around the world. Not only was the original story form the TPA shared via social media, but it was also featured in books and other posts from companies such as Disney.

  • How were the digital media followers handled?

It was shared across social media platforms globally. The story reached over 3 million viewers. Their reached 115,000 engagements on Facebook alone, and had over 78,000 impressions. It was also shared millions of times through partners of the airport, passengers, and news channels.

  • Is there something that could have been done differently to make that experience more efficient?

Since the story began as something for a specific customer, I think it was handled appropriately. I do not think this was a specific act by TPA to get media coverage, I just think it was a kind gesture.

Since airports are dedicated to safety and security, ethics play a large role in their brand. While people choose the specific airline they travel with, people can also choose what airport they want to fly out of as well. Since Florida is a family destination, this act could cause more families to want to fly in and out of that location due to the amazing customer service. I’ve personally flown in and out of TPA before, and find it to not only be well organized, but also a location that goes out of their way to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of. TPA participates in the mobile passport which allows for customers to travel through customs quicker. It also features a map to show where you can find restaurants, shops, restrooms, and various needs.