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Getting your life together!

There is no time like the present to not jus organize your home, but to organize your life as well. I will not be telling you to go out and buy a planner (even though I love them), and I won’t be telling you to how to declutter your closet (just yet!). This is all about simplifying your day, and making 2018 the easiest year yet!


Schedule time for yourself first

This can include cleaning your house, painting your nails, or just binge watching America’s Next Top Model. Not only is planning your life out going to allow you to get everything done, it is also going to make sure that you are playing, and not just working. In addition to getting work done, or taking a long bath, you can also use “you” time for some just every day tasks. Take time to deep clean your house, organize your closet (you will thank yourself later!), or sit on the couch with your pet and read a book!

I definitely am not saying to straight up write “1-2pm, bubble bath“. When you are creating plans with friends, family, or scheduling meeting, leave some breathing room. This is also a habit that I do when I am planning vacations. The world can get wild if you do not leave some time to do whatever you want to do. When I know that I have work to do, I usually go ahead and knock it out. This leaves me with time to spend it how I want. Vice versa, do not over schedule your day. We will talk about that in a minute.


Get together with the ones you loved

While we love the idea of being “busy“, do you really want to live like that? Friendships and various other relationships are incredibly important to our mental health. Even if your friends or family live far away, you can still make time to be in their life. I try and call the people I care about at least once every two weeks. All of us have very different schedules, and even more different timezones. Even though I cannot see them, it is nice to be involve in their lives, and to keep up with what’s going on.

Something that some bloggers did around where I live got together recently. Not only was it great to meet new people where I live, but it is even better having a common interest that we are all passionate about. Getting out of your shell and meeting people is going to open your world up, and that is going to make you such a better person. We also have established interest in involving ourselves in the community, and growing our relationships as friends, which I am super stoked about!

Clean out your space

We have all heard of “spring cleaning”, and to be honest, this is my favorite part of the year! I love to clean and organize pretty much anytime, and if it is going to make me feel productive, come on! Plus, think about how great it feels to minimize the amount of clutter you have in your house. I honestly am not perfect when it comes to my closet, but break up the work into small sections. Separate your items by keep, donate, and trash. I always think it is a great idea to go through the keep pile twice, but be really strict on the second go around!¬†Cleaning out your space can also help clear any negative energy out too.


What do you do to get ready for a new year?

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