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GLAMGLOW Instamud 60 Second Pore Refining Treatment

GLAMGLOW Instamud 60 Second Pore Refining Treatment

I’m pretty sure by now, we are all familiar with GLAMGLOW.  They have presented us with masks that have almost changed the industry, and are unique. Recently, they have introduced the GLAMGLOW Instamud 60 Second Pore Refining Treatment. Unlike their usual range of products, this is a treatment instead of a mask. The GLAMGLOW Instamud  is meant to refine pores, even out skin-tone, and smooth the skin. What makes this so different is that you only apply it for 60 seconds. For those of you out there, you definitely have at least sixty seconds at some point in your day!

This is a clay-based treatment, and features Bentonite and Kaolin clays which help to really get into those pores and clean them out. It also has witch hazel in it which is something that I use all of the time on my skin. It acts as a toner, and aloe vera and licorice root are great for brightening the skin. A really fun part of this treatment is that it bubbles up on your face, and the oxidation helps to get in there and clean even better.


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How did it work for me?

The GLAMGLOW Instamud is interesting compared to their other products. There is almost a standard scent that goes along with the GLAMGLOW products. I do love that this product has a pump which makes it a lot easier to apply. It is quite a runny product, and is this really fun purple color which is a nice contrast to the bright yellow packaging. It is important to know that you do not rub this product in. You just apply it, let it bubble up, and then you can remove it. It is also super easy to remove, which is nice! It has niacinamide which seems to be the trendy ingredient in skincare right now. What I can say is that it is it is not drying at all, which I was afraid of.

I’ve tried it a few times now, and I don’t know if it is really changing my skin, but I do like it. I feel like my makeup applied better, and I also think that my skincare absorbed better. I’ve been having some good skin days lately, and this product might be contributing to that as well. If you struggle with sensitivity, then I think this might be a good option for you. I haven’t had any sort of reaction or redness as a result of using this product, and I find witch hazel to be an amazing ingredient for skincare. To be honest, the price is steep for 1.7oz of product. This treatment will cost you around $42.00 USD. It did not take a lot to cover my face, but I would have felt better if it were about $32.00. Either way, if you are a fan of GLAMGLOW, then give the GLAMGLOW Instamud a try!

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