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Glossier Body Hero, yay or nay?

Yeah, I told you the Glossier train was still rolling over here. I picked up the Glossier Body Hero duo because the dry skin issue is real over here. I am a huge fan of everything else I have tried for Glossier, and wanted to venture out. Glossier is super hydrating on my skin, and it has actually done some pretty amazing things for my skin. Keep reading to see how the Glossier Body Hero worked on my body!

Glossier Body Hero


Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

So, the Glossier Body Hero duo comes with multiple products. One is the daily perfecting cream. I’ve really been trying to get into using a moisturizer this year, and am looking for the perfect one. Well friends, I think I might have found it. The lotion itself is incredibly thick, which is perfect for me. As you know, I suffer from one pretty dry skin, and this has really kept it under control. Even though this lotion is incredibly thick, it glides on the skin like butter, literally. It also absorbs incredibly fast. There is pretty much no wait time from when I put it on to when I need to get dressed. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly hydrated and soft, but also gives it an amazing healthy look too.

The Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream has seven different oils in it to help with the hydration of your skin. It contains cactus plant, prickly pear, and yucca which help to prolong the moisture in your skin. I can put this on in the morning, and I will seriously feel hydrated and soft all day long. It also contains evodia rutaecarpa fruit which is meant to help brightness, and actually contains light reflecting particles too.

*Hey Hey! If you’re basic like me, and had no idea what Evoida Rutaecarpa is, then let me tell you! It is a plant that bears berries, and has been used in Chinese medicine forever!*

Pretty much, this lotion is packed full of things that are actually good for your skin, and they have proven results, which I also find really useful. I have not had any greasy feelings on my skin, nothing has transferred onto my skin, and the scent is really tolerable. While it might not be my favorite smell, it definitely doesn’t keep me from using it.

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Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

I’m not usually one to give into a fancy body wash. I typically just use whatever is in the shower. Honestly, I don’t remember buying body wash, it just magically ends up in my shower. However, this time, I definitely remember purchasing this. Dealing with dry skin actually starts in the shower. Finding a body wash that is hydrating, as well as gentle on my skin was a serious goal of mine. I was pretty intrigued by the idea of an oil wash. Mainly because I love using oils. Something that is bomb about this product is that it has been gynecologist tested, and is safe to use on all the areas of your body. Hello, sign me up!

The oils that the Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash include are coconut, meadow foam, olive, soybean, and sesame. Not only are these providing moisture, but it is also helping to actually soothe your skin, and giving you a wash that is actually good for you. It also contains grape seed oil which has antioxidants. Not only do antioxidants fight free radicals, but they can also help the aging process of your skin as well. A really amazing ingredient in this body wash is the Sunflower oil. This helps to not only maintain your natural skin barrier, but it can also help to decrease the moisture loss in your skin.

Glossier Body Hero


Have you tried anything from Glossier? What are your favorite products?

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