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Gold necklaces are the only accessory you need this fall

Gold necklaces are all but basic

I go through some weird phases in my life. There was a time when the only “jewelry” that I would wear was a hair tie on my wrist. Then there are times where I’m basically drowning in jewelry. Currently, we are in the phase of gold necklaces! Not only are they a simple pieces to add to any outfit, but they can be as affordable or luxe as you want them to be.

When I say gold necklace, I don’t necessarily mean pure gold. As long as the shade of the necklace is gold, I’m counting that in this post! Personally, pure gold is not in my budget right now, but that isn’t hurting my ┬álove for gold necklaces one bit. Currently, my favorite place to find them is Forever 21. There are tons that are on trend, classic, and so cheap!

gold necklaces

3 Necklace trends I’m currently loving

  • Horn Necklaces: After seeing this style on tons of my favorite bloggers, I knew that I had to add it into my colleciton. I’m lusting after Monica Vinader pendants, but for now these will do just fine. Forever 21 actually has options in a faux stone shape as well. Just in case you want to switch up your growing collection of gold necklaces.

  • Coin Necklaces: I had a small coin necklace when I was younger, and I’m pretty sure there is a record of me saying I would never wear one again. Well, as my love for gold necklaces grew, the coin necklace has made a come back! There are tons at Forever 21 that actually have mutliple necklaces for the price of one, yay!

  • Gemstone Necklaces: As much as I want to believe in the power of healing crystals, I really just can’t think that far outside of the box. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying them though! I have a few actual gemstone necklaces, but most of the affordable ones look exactly the same. If you are looking at some real ones, I highly recommend quartz, rose quartz, or black tourmaline!

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