How to keep your hair healthy

Fall can wreak havoc on our strands! In the south, we deal with intense humidity one day, and the next day it feels like it never rains. Having healthy hair is always in style, and it is never too late to change your haircare routine. I am going to share some of my favorite tips, tricks, and hacks to have the best hair you can. With the help of eSalon products, you can take the stress out of haircare. From washing, all the way to your final style, keep reading to find out more! 


Step 1: Wash that hair!

Healthy hair really begins when you wash it. Finding the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is such a crucial step. You can find a shampoo that caters to your actual specific type, but you can also find products for what your distressed strands actually need. Although we need to wash our hair for personal hygiene, make sure you are not washing it too often. This can cause the follicles to be stripped of the natural oils that they need. If you care about haircare, then you know to avoid sulfate shampoos! Rinsing with cold water is great to reduce the amount of frizz, and create a shinier result as well. I have been using coconut oil as a pre-wash mask for years! I swear that it creates smoother and stronger hair. Apply 30 minutes before you wash to get the full benefits.

Step 2: Dry your hair perfectly

This is where a lot of damage can happen! I have been using cotton shirts to dry my hair for years. In addition to the coconut oil and the cold rinse, this can really help with frizz. Especially for my curly haired girls out there! Wet hair needs to be brushed through with a wide tooth comb, never a brush. That is too harsh on the hair follicle, and cause damage. Drying my hair naturally is always my preferred option, but I do not always have the hours it takes for that to happen. When using a hair dryer, use the lowest setting that you are able to. Using a diffuser allows the air to cover more of your hair, which helps with dispersing the heat. Anything that helps me reduce damage is always a great thing for me!

Finding your perfect fall color

We all love products, and the benefits that we can receive from them. Esalon has a great system called the Custom Hair Color. This creates the perfect hair color for you, and it gives you some great tips along the way to create professional looking results right inside your own home. They take into account any previous treatments used on your hair, and include the percentage of gray you may be dealing with. You are matched with someone who is your color specialist, and is there for you through the whole process. They have created 150,000 different combinations that they have already created. They are permanent and demi-permanent options available as well.


Take care of your new hair color!

Once we have our perfect hair-color, we have to take care of it! Although moisture is important in the washing phase, there are a ton of products to continue providing moisture. Heat tools can also cause tons of damage to our hair. We spoke earlier about keeping our hair as healthy as can be while blow drying, but what about styling? Never use a hot tool on wet hair, that is the best way to have some severely damaged strands, and we are trying to prevent that! If you have issues with flat hair, apply some volumizing products!  Lastly, do not forget to hold that style with a great hair spray to keep everything locked and perfect.

This post was a wonderful collaboration with eSalon. You kind find out more about the products by visiting their website. In addition to the custom hair color option, you can find a range of products. They feature products for any need you may have, and you can find out what is inside of the product as well. There are also reviews from people who have actually used the products as well. Choose to order your products individually, or you can choose a plan. It is up to you.



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