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I tested the Ordinary Foundations so you don’t have to.

Ordinary is a brand that I have heard a lot about through the beauty/blogging community. It seems like beauty bloggers have an amazing way of being on top of products before anyone else. Ordinary has been pretty hyped up over the past year, and they have came out with some foundations as well. After purchasing and trying out the two foundations, I think we have some things to talk about. 


Ordinary Serum Foundation

First off, these products are seriously affordable. I am talking about less than $7 bucks for a 30ml bottle of foundation. The packaging is really standard for the Ordinary brand, and is a minimalistic dream. It has a pump which I also something that I find important in a foundation. Not only is it easier to control, but I also found it to be more sanitary than just pouring it out of a bottle. This foundation is actually pretty runny. I find the Covergirl Healthy Elixir to be quite liquidy, but this definitely takes the cake. It is almost a water-like consistency, and is quite unusual.

Since this has an interesting consistency, it is interesting to blend onto the skin. I find that this does not immediately sink into my skin, and it definitely takes more time to blend than I have experienced with my other foundations I have been loving lately. The coverage is not a full coverage, but it is buildable to the coverage that you desire, and the finish is a soft matte. There is some glow that comes through, but nothing that is too crazy. This foundation does feel quite moisturizing on your skin. If this is something that you hate in foundations, I think it is important to know. Personally, my dry skin really loves it!


Ordinary Coverage Foundation

Next we have the full coverage option in their range. This foundation is also going to run you less than $7 bucks, and also comes in the standard 30ml bottle. Same packaging as the Serum Foundation, and is equally as easy to use as the previous. The coverage of this foundation is honestly crazy. For the price, it is something that I have nothing to compare it to. This is some glamorous, Instagram proof, full coverage foundation of my dreams right now. The consistency is also quite liquidy, which I kind of love when it comes to full coverage.

This has a soft matte finish, and it is decently natural looking for how much coverage this packs! One thing to remember is that this is not a natural coverage. It will be pretty obvious that you are wearing makeup, but to be fair, that does not bother me when I am actually wearing makeup. I don’t love how this sets on my skin, but as long as I make sure to moisturize and use a primer, it is fine. This does have a tendency to stick to dry patches, so that is a huge thing to remember if you are a dry skin girl. I have dry skin, but have not had too much of an issue.


My final thoughts

If I were other beauty companies, I would definitely be shaking in my boots. Not only are these incredible products, but they price is shocking! I love the serum foundation for regular days, and the coverage foundation is my go to for nights out. How do these ultimately compare to my two favorite foundations? They are definitely different textures than I am used to, but each are comparable. Covergirl Health Elixir is like a thicker version of the Serum Foundation, and Fenty Beauty is a slightly less full coverage version of the Coverage Foundation. If you are looking to try something from this brand, I don’t think you can really go wrong with either of these.



Have you tried anything from The Ordinary? What do you think?

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