I will do pretty much anything to avoid going to the gym, but fitness is still important.

I know that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Is it that big of a deal though? I have always had issues about body image, especially when it comes to going to the gym. I have spent the past few years wondering what happened to my body, but we all actually know what causes us to lose a certain level of fitness. A breakup, a move, an injury, it really could be anything. Gyms are stressful, fitness is stressful, you’re not alone.


My fitness past…

I grew up as an athlete. I was an avid tennis player, like six days a week, at least! If anything, I was unable to gain weight, so my tennis career ended while I was in high school. Fitness was never something that crossed my mind. Eating whatever I wanted never had any impact on my shape, and all of my clothing was still fitting. I also was never a drinker at a young age, so I was able to keep my calorie count down with that as well. Don’t worry, it eventually did catch up with me. You would think that having been an athlete growing up that I would still try and follow a fitness routine….well, you would be wrong.

Being “unfit” in 2017

I honestly do not even know what being unfit is. Any body is going to be beautiful, and the only thing that you should really be concerned about is your health. We all have different bodies, lifestyles, diets, pretty much anything you can name. The biggest issue really does boil down to your health issues. I know that carrying weight in the area that I do increases my chances of cardiovascular related issues, on top of an already serious heart condition. Issues in that vein are far more important than fitting into a pair of jeans. Social media is killing body images all across the world. We see unrealistic, photoshopped bodies, and we think those are what we could aspire to be. Once again, that is not a goal. Focusing on your fitness is a personal commitment. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.


Getting back on the fitness train…

As I have mentioned, the gym is the last place I want to go. That is a lie, the last place I want to go is a public restroom at a music festival. I personally have some pretty bad social anxiety when it comes to the gym. Which is weird considering I can pretty much talk to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. I stress about if my form is correct, if I am sweating too much, if people can hear my Little Mix blasting through my headphones (just kidding on the last one, Perrie is life). Working out at home is not easy, seriously. It is so much easier to plop on the couch and rewatch Pretty Little Liars, but maybe do some exercises while you watch it. I made a list of my favorite workouts to do so that maybe you can try them out too. None of them are difficult, stressful, or require anything you may not have. Sweet, right?


Choose any of these to fit into your normal routine. If you are looking for a routine, then I highly suggest Pinterest to find one that works for you. These are all workouts I can do either with equipment, or without equipment. They are also pretty easy to master the form, so add these to your day! Plus, exercise increases endorphins. Who does not want to be happier? Certainly not me.



  1. September 26, 2017 / 10:50 pm

    I can TOTALLY relate on the gym thing. I become very aware of other people looking at me and it makes me self-conscious, which in turn leads me to not have as great of a workout. Thankfully, I’ve gotten into a pretty good workout routine at home (thanks Fitness Blender!), but you’re right, there are still a lot of distractions. I find that when I put it in my planner and have my workout clothes ready to go, I’m much more motivated and ready to take on my workout. Thanks for sharing your story! I always love to read other people’s fitness journeys.

    • admin
      September 27, 2017 / 10:35 am

      I agree, when I plan to do something and know wha I am wearing, I am more likely to do whatever that is. I love to read them as well, they definitely offer me a source of motivation! Thanks for reading!

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