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By The Fireplace

by the fireside

I’ve always really loved fragrances. I have a massive selection of candles at all times, and I’m slowly beginning to collect perfumes as well. In the past, I was fascinated by the look of the REPLICA fragrances but severely intimidated by the price. When it comes to certain fragrances, paying over $100 doesn’t really phase me, but with their unique scents, I was nervous. While I was browsing Sephora, I stumbled across REPLICA By The Fireplace and was instantly intrigued.

I’m one of those people that is completely obsessed with winter and anything that goes along with it. Most of the fragrances I owned were definitely summer scents. I went out to Sephora to smell By The Fireplace, and it instantly was in my basket. I love warm scents during the cooler months, and this fragrance really checked all of the boxes for me. This has a strong vanilla scent, but also smells quite woody. I find the scent to be very comforting, and perfect for the season.

by the fireside

Getting Cozy with REPLICA

Personally, I don’t have any problems with walking around like a fireplace, and I prefer it. By The Fireplace is actually part of the REPLICA Memories collection. This collection is designed to evoke personal memories based on a sense of smell. I really remember a lot of situations based on the scent that was in the air. The smell of a fireplace always reminds me of winter, cooler weather, and the holidays. Clove oil, Chesnut, and Vanilla are the keynotes to this fragrance. I love the smell of clove, and it is a warm welcome to my fragrance collection.

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This fragrance is unisex, but I definitely get a hint of sweetness when I wear it. Depending on your body chemistry, this fragarnce will change. If you are familiar with the Bath & Body Works Candle, Marshmallow Fireside, then this is almost identical to that candle. By The Fireplace is slightly less sweet than that candle, but has the same vibe. As with the rest of the Maison Margiela REPLICA scents, this is $126 for 3.4oz. Most of them do come in rollerball form, which is significantly cheaper. With most of the scents from REPLICA, I highly suggest smelling them in real life instead of just ordering them online.

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