MKT 315 2-1

Within the realm of digital marketing, there are two different ways that a company can go about getting their content out there. In order for a company to be successful, their target audience need to not only know that they exist, but also be responsive to their strategies. Paid and organic marketing have been something that is debatable among marketers. Companies definitely prefer to have organic traffic to their websites, but isn’t any traffic better than none? Digital marketing is a way to reach various demographics of people. Instead of focusing on just one location, it is possible to reach people globally who have the same interests.

Organic Marketing Pros and Cons

Organic marketing is what every website hopes for. Over time, how organic traffic works has changed. With the advancement of technology, and ever changing algorithms, it can be difficult to lock down a strategy. (Digitlal Impact, 2018) Organic also relies on how great your website is compared to the competitors in the digital space. Understanding how a website works is key to enhancing the organic traffic. By showing how Google can read a website is a great way to present the importance of website capabilities. Walking a client through their website can show them where they are gaining or losing traffic. This can be beneficial in setting realistic goals related to organic growth. A negative part of organic marketing is that over time, that organic reach can decrease if the content is not updated. (Insight, 2018)

Paid Marketing Pros and Cons

Paid marketing can also have many benefits for a company. Not only can their create audiences that are specific to their target market, but they can pay additional fees to further reach those audiences. (Insight, 2018) Platforms such as Google Adwords create targeted ads based on information that the company can provide. The negative side of this type of marketing is that it does cost additional money. For starting companies, that may not be allocated, or even available. Another negative aspect of this type of marketing is that the company may only be reaching a certain part of an audience because of their paid marketing. Which means after the payment period is over, the traffic to the website may decrease. Something that is beneficial with paid marketing is that most platforms will give you feedback on your paid advertisement. This can be great if the company intends on using this marketing strategy more in the future. Having an idea of what works best for your client base is important.

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