My Skincare Routine

A skincare routine is any girl’s secret weapon. We can layer on a million layers of makeup, but if you do not have a good starting point, none of that is going to help. There are so many different products that can go into a skincare routine, and I have been able to break my down into five steps. I would love to say that I am a low maintenance kind of girl, but that is just not the case. With age has came a focus on anti-aging and hydration, which is pretty much exactly what I have been getting out of these products.


Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

I really believe in cleansing your skin. Some girls can throw water on their skin, and I am so jealous. I have combination skin, which means that I have dry spots, but I also have a couple of really oily spots as well. Cleansing my skin is vital to my daily routine, and without doing it, I can always expect a break out. With my skin, I have to have something that is exfoliating. I have been really loving the Lush “Ocean Salt” scrub. It is course enough for me to see and feel results, but also gentle enough to where I have no irritation whatsoever. This contains lime, coconut, and sea salt to act as an exfoliating agent. This does have avocado to help with moisturizing your skin, and violet leaf absolute to calm your skin as well.


Exfoliating is a big deal for my skincare routine

I have heard about the Kate Somerville “Exfolikate” for years. I never thought I needed something that was so strong, but I was wrong. My skin has been having texture issues for a couple of years, and they seemed to come and go. This product is a chemical peel, as well as a physical peel. This is great for helping the texture of your skin, which is my main issue at the moment. Lactic Acid is a natural AHA, and it works on the chemical side. Silica is a natural exfoliant that helps out with physical exfoliating. It works on your pores, skin texture, crows feet, lines and wrinkles. One 30 second scrub, and two minutes on your face is all you need. I can physically feel a difference from just using this a couple of times, and my skin has been much more luminous as well.

Moisturizing is the key!

After going to Japan, I have been really obsessed with Japanese skincare. Tatcha had been on my list for a while, and I finally bit the bullet. The Tatcha “Water Cream” is one of the most unique products I have ever used. It is a cream product, but turns into a liquid after you rub it into your face. This is really light weight, and it is oil free. It is also anti-aging, which like I mentioned, is something that I am really looking for in a product. Japanese wild rose helps with circulation, balancing your skin, and decreases the appearance of pores. Japanese leopard lily reduces oil production (yay!), calms skin, and helps with the turnover of your skin. Tatcha has Hadasei-3 which includes green tea, rice, and algae, this is supposed to help restore your skin. Vitamin C is also a great ingredient to include in your moisturizer, find out why here!


Skincare while we sleep?

Korean skincare is all about jelly sleeping masks. I know, this sounds terrifying. It sounds like a mess, or like a breakout waiting to happen. I have been using the Dior “Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask”, and I think I have been converted to the dark side. I apply this after my my moisturizer before bed. You do not have to rinse this off, and it does not transfer to your clothing or bedding. It locks in the products you used before it so you can get all of the benefits. This actually makes you look like you had a full eight hours of sleep! It helps with your overall complexion, fine lines, texture issues, plumping your skin, and helps it soften and really glow. This is fragranced, but it does not bother me or my skin. It is very light weight, and it even is great for my partially oily skin.

Masks are my favorite part of my skincare routine

To be fair this could be any mask. I have recently fallen back in love with the GLAMGLOW Gravitymud. I love a peel off mask, there is a weird satisfaction that I get from peeling them off, and they are helping out my skin! Masks are not something that I use every day, but they are a big part of my skincare routine. This contains a ton of great ingredients that help to firm, tighten, and lift your skin. It also contains TEAOXI as an ingredient which is made up of marshmallow and licorice leaf. It smells amazing, and it turns your face blue, so you can live out your amazing dreams of becoming a smurf. I think we all have twenty-thirty minutes to pamper ourselves. This is also a great way to focus on some self care, find out more about self care here!




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