What I am loving | October Favorites 2017

If you were around for my older blog, then you would know that I really loved doing monthly favorites. After reading about six hundred over the past week or so, it is time to bring it back. These are going to be lifestyle, beauty, and whatever else has been making my world turn. Let’s get into it!


Lifestyle Favorites

I have been on a pretty HUGE podcast kick lately. I mentioned five of my favorite podcasts a few posts back, but honestly, I am always finding new ones. Listening to podcasts has been so much more fun than listening to the same seven songs over and over. My favorites usually revolve around blogging, marketing, and wellness/self care.

Journaling has been a huge part of my daily routine. I have created a “diary” on my computer to keep it more private, and to have it be easily accessible no matter where I am at. Although I have quite a few journals that are traditional paper, this has been a great resource. I also mentioned in my self care post that writing can help with a magnitude of things.

Drinking enough water a day has been a huge favorite of mine. I have a horrible habit of not drinking enough water throughout the day. Having an app on my phone really helped me to get started, but now I can just drink water without thinking about it. Not only does it mentally make me happy, but I can physically feel a difference in how I feel. Plus, it is helping my skin out too!


Beauty Favorites

I am partially obsessed with facial oils. I feel the need to try all of the ones I can find. While I was strolling through TJ Maxx the other day (looking for Halloween decor, I don’t know what happened), I stumbled across this one. Honestly, I was slightly nervous about using skincare that was from there. Good news, it is actually kinda beautiful! It feels amazing on my skin, and it actually sinks in as well. It is rose scented/infused as well, which is super calming for my skin. I have been using this every day, and have noticed my skin really clearing up. Plus, it was $6 bucks, which is far more affordable than the rest of my skincare.

Staying in the rose theme, I have actually found a toner that I love. Rosewater is great for calming your skin, and works well for acne prone skin. This was not the cheapest bottle of rosewater that I could have found, but it was an instinct purchase at Target. I have been using it constantly, and it makes my skin feel amazing as well. It refreshes my skin, and it smells great.

Television Favorites

I mean….Stranger Things 2 has been ruling my life the past couple of days. The first season was such a huge favorite of mine that I did not think they could do as well, but I was wrong. I am not going to give anything away, because I hate when people do that. If you like thrillers, science fiction, and a good story line, then you better hop on Netflix right now.

New Girl has been a show that I have loved since the pilot aired years ago. I use to live with quite a few people at once, and we basically were the characters on the show. They feature issues that honestly happen when you live with other people, and it is absolutely hysterical. I have laughed, I have cried, and felt quite a few emotions while watching it. Jessica Day is also the best friend we all need.

This show ended a few weeks ago, but The Bold Type is killer. Not only does it deal with NYC, which I love, but it has to do with writing. Even if you are not in the writing world, you can definitely relate to this show about three girls trying to succeed in their professional careers. There is an enthusiastic spirit of this show, and it is honestly motivational. It deals with real and controversial issues in a way that actually makes you think about the circumstances. That is good television!


Fashion Favorites

Target always has some sort of hold on me. I was shopping for a new rug, and I ended up with velvet flats. These were less than $25 bucks, and I have worn them almost to death. They are a shoe that I can easily dress up or dress down, and go with almost everything that I own. They took a short while to break in, but have never given me any issues. Neyland has chewed up two pairs of these, so they are also puppy approved. I am on my THIRD pair of these. They are so good I have literally purchased them multiple times.

Denim jackets have always been a staple in my wardrobe. If you did not know, I grew up going to punk shows, which had a huge influence on my personal style. I have had a denim vest with tons of patches since I was seventeen, and I still wear it all the time. Denim jackets are pretty trendy right now, so they are easy to find. I wear mine with dresses, skirts, pants, denim, honestly anything. I have a friend who calls me Bob, which is a Twin Peaks reference, whenever I wear full denim. My favorite is from Forever 21, and was only about twenty bucks!





  1. November 2, 2017 / 12:19 am

    Wow ! You wrote about the majority of things that I’m doing right now! You spoke my mind lol. I love listening to podcasts (it’s wayy better and informative than listening to only songs), I have been drinking more water and I love facial oils. I’m definitely gonna follow you for more updates!

    • admin
      November 3, 2017 / 11:27 am

      Awe, yay! I am so glad you liked it! Thanks for reading!

    • admin
      November 3, 2017 / 11:28 am

      Thanks so much, thank you for your comment!

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