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How to spend one day in Nuremberg, Germany

One of the most important stops on my recent European vacation has to be to Nuremberg, Germany. While it does not have as huge of a reputation as some other areas, it has a huge part of our family history. Fifty years prior, my grandfather had been stationed there, and we knew we had to take him. I’ve compiled a list of what you have to do during a short stop into the city!

Nuremberg Palace of Justice

Famous for the trials that brought down the last remaining member’s of WWII’s German criminals, this is still an acting judicial court. During my grandfather’s time in the military, he was responsible for delivering information to the judges in the same court that exists today. In addition to being able to physically being able to view the courtroom, you can also visit the museum portion. Personally, I’ve spent majority of my life studying about WWII, but there is something incredibly humbling about this place.

Alstadthof Brewery & Underground Tour

This is a great place to stop for a lunch or dinner while touring the main town. It gives you all of the cozy vibes that you would expect from a traditional restaurant sharing their best menu. The beer is great, and the staff is incredibly friendly. You can also go underneath the brewery for a tour of the historical caverns. In addition to storing provisions from the brewery, there is also an important historical connection. During the bombings of the city of Nuremberg, these taverns acted as a fortress to protect the residents. These taverns are the largest labyrinth in Southern Germany! The tour is about seven euro, and leaves from the gift shop.

Be sure to eat outside and take in your environment

I always love to eat outside, but here in the South it can get way too hot. While we were in Germany, we ate outside as much as we possibly could. Where we stayed, there was a great little restaurant called Barfüßer with umbrellas, and it was great for people watching! I suggest getting the Nürnberg Sausages as their are traditional to that area. If you just walk around the city, you can find tons of these places in pretty much any cuisine that interests you. Also, the weather is so much better than what I deal with here. One thing that I did notice about eating outside was that there are a lot of flies. I know, you are probably saying just eat inside, but most places have the windows open for the air flow. Over time, we just learned to swat them away and keep it moving.

Nuremberg Castle

While touring around Nuremberg, we literally stumbled across the NurembergCastle. It basically looks over the city, and I’m not entirely sure how we missed it. It also could be that we over-castled this trip! Nuremberg Castle is actually a group of buildings built starting around 1000AD. While the castle is not as important as it once was, it is still a gorgeous area that is worth viewing. In addition to having gorgeous views, there are also some incredible Christmas Markets that you will pass on your walk to the castle. I sadly went at a time of year where there are no holiday markets, but they did have some cute farmers markets!

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  1. nvictory
    July 7, 2018 / 11:05 am

    Looks like a lovely city to visit! I’ll have to add this to my European travel bucket list!

  2. Mary Meier
    July 12, 2018 / 3:01 pm

    Great article! Will be handy for an upcoming trip!!!!

    • admin
      July 12, 2018 / 4:23 pm

      Oh yay! I’m so jealous of your trip! I love to travel.

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