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Packing Beauty Products for Travel

I really love to travel, and I think I am not alone in that. There is something so incredible about going to different places, experiencing different cultures, and just getting out of your comfort zone. Since I do quite a bit of travel, I thought it would be useful to see how I pack. Sharing tips and tricks is always a fun thing to do, and it can really help you to learn how to pack better!

Packing Skincare Products

When I pack my skincare items, I break it down into things that I really need. I know I need a cleanser, a serum, a moisturizer, and a spot treatment. My skin can disagree with travel, or even different weather. Even though my skincare routine consists of about 328 items, I can easily break it down to four. Plus, the whole point of packing beauty products is to minimize space, right? My makeup/skincare bag is one that I received with purchase from R+Co, and the amazing holographic one was a TJ Maxx Find! If you are a Glossier fanatic like everyone else, then put those pink padded bags to good use when you travel!

I’ve been seriously loving the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser! I cannot imagine traveling without this cleanser. It really gets in there and cleans, but it also moisturizes too. I put a link to my full review, if you want to check that out. The Ordinary has been a go to for me in the past few months, and my skin seems to love it. The Ordinary Buffet and Salicylic Acid are coming with me too. The Ordinary is packed full of great hydrating products, and the Salicylic Acid acts as my spot treatment. Finally, I am really obsessed with the Tatcha Water Cream. If you haven’t tried this out, then what are you doing? I keep going back to this product, even though I have tried to venture out. It is that good!

Packing Beauty Products

Since I actually do things that require a nice appearance, packing beauty products is a must. I can break my entire makeup routine down to the bare minimum, at least for me. I can use these products to get a full face, or just a natural look. My concealer and foundation options change depending on my skin situation. I usually bring a foundation that allows me to have full coverage, and one that is light and moisturizing. I pretty much pack whatever my foundation favorites at the moment are. The Tarte Waterproof Amazonian Clay Bronzer has been my life saver for these colder months. I can contour with it, I can wear it as an eyeshadow, and it has a mirror in the compact.

Brows and mascara are a must have for me, and usually, I will just do that for a regular day. Bad Gal Bang and Boy Brow have been my jam lately. I can put those on, and look semi put together, which I love. A great thing about a highlighter palette is that you can have a really great variety of shades, and you can also use some as eyeshadows too. I’m all about a multi use product. I rotate what highlighter I use on the daily. Finally, I always pack some sort of lip combination. I usually lean towards a red and a neutral color. These can be used day or night, and always work. Right now, I am crazy about the Dior Lip Glows, so those definitely made it into the bag!

Packing the rest of my beauty routine

Now it’s time to finish packing beauty essentials! There are some things that we really need to travel with. Not just for conceive, but hygiene is important too. First things first, pack up your toothbrush. I actually have a separate toothbrush that I keep in my suitcase. Not only does this prevent me from leaving it behind, but it keeps me a little more organized too. Go to the store and pick up your favorite travel toothpaste too. Fun fact, you can buy multiple travel toothpastes at once on Amazon. I have been doing this for years, and I haven’t ever hard to go pick up any toothpaste yet. Next is deodorant. Most deodorants are TSA approved, so you can carry it no matter if you are checking a bag or not. You can also pick up a travel size if you prefer that.

If you have crazy hair like me, then you know the importance of packing the right things. Above all else, I have to have a flat iron when I travel. Even when I wear my hair natural, I will use my flat iron to smooth my curls out, and I also use it to straighten and curl my hair for when I want to fix it. An important thing to remember when you are using heat products is some sort of heat protectant too! Typically, I will use whatever shampoo and conditioners are available. I don’t wash my hair very often, and it cuts down on items that I need to bring. One thing I always remember is some sort of serum. Usually, a frizz taming serum works for me, no matter the weather. Dry shampoo is your best friend when traveling. It keeps the oil down, and can really refresh your whole appearance.

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What are your packing essentials?


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