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Perfecting your writing skills: 101

For most of us, writing was never our favorite subject in school. We had to write about things that we did not enjoy, in  a style that was almost unnatural, and it usually ended up in the trash. As someone who never expected to be writing as a career, it is something that I did not learn until I was out on my own. Until I began writing for blogs, clients, and various projects, I hated writing. While I am not the best writer that you will ever meet, it is  my career. I am going to share some little known advice on how you can be the best writer you can be. 


Why do we need to be effective writers?

Sometimes we do not realize how much content we actually consume on a daily basis. I spend so much time on the internet, on social media, and checking emails. That is all a form of content. Words give relevancy and value to your content. Something to remember is that when we are doing content writing, we are not writing for ourselves. We are writing for our audience. Effective writing is beneficial because it allows you to provide educational information, and it helps your audience build trust with you. The more someone trusts you, the more likely they are to continue to return to your blog, website, or business. Your writing is meant to help your readers, not sell them something. Effective content is meant to answer questions, solve problems, and help someone overcome a challenge.

How do I know if I am creating effective content?

Like I just mentioned, you really need to be solving an issue for your reader. They are usually reading the content because it is directly associated with something happening in their life. There are times when we think we are creating great content, but our traffic and engagement says otherwise. You need to be creating content that makes someone stop what they are doing. You want to be the end of their search. Creating effective content will make someone stop, read, think, and hopefully learn. Creating content that is useful to your audience will help them treat you as a resource, and not just another URL.


What are some tips for effective writers?

You need to focus on rich content. This means there is no fluff in your writing. Writing can sometimes end up being quite stiff as well. Making sure that your writing is exciting for your reader definitely requires you to read the content yourself. I always suggest to read anything you write. I learned that tip when I was incredibly young, and it has helped me in so many circumstances. In addition to being interesting, make sure your reader can actually read it. If something is too academic, it can be difficult to read. On the other hand, if something is too juvenile, you may not be taken seriously. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but it needs to have some educational value. Otherwise, what is the point of writing anything?

Let’s start at the top

Having a headline is essential in any form of content. This helps your reader know what information to except, and it acts as an organization tool for you. In most cases, your headline will be read 4x more than the actual content you write. As much as that is not the best ratio, we can make them read it. Start with a headline you think works. This is going to be your working title, this will help guide, form a structure, and keep the focus on the subject. Write out your content, and if you need to, you can always switch up the title. I usually have at least four to nine titles that I am toying around with before I ever choose one. If you are having issues with this, then try and ask someone around you for their opinion.


Knowing your reader is essential!

If you have ever written anything, then you know how hard a vague topic can be. Knowing who your reader is makes the process so much easier. You can write your content in a style and tone that really fits with them. I have mentioned buyer persona in previous posts, but that it is just as important in this post as well. Every target market has a certain tone that attracts them. The tone to your personal brand is just as important. Staying true to your brand is the biggest trick no one tells you. This will keep you on the right track when it comes to writing, and maintaining a style.

What your content should have…

You need to be teaching something new, or showing a way to do something better. Being useful is your main goal when it comes to content writing. It is difficult to come up with new topics, it seems like everything has already been done. One way to get around this issue is by doing your research. Find what is missing from information you have found, what kind of questions do you still have, how can you expand on the topic? Don’t be afraid to go into detail in your posts. This increases the value for your reader, and it helps to entertain them as well. You should research keywords so that you are targeting the right audience. They are going to get the most out of whatever you write, and that is why most of us write, isn’t it?

Become effective writers is easy

Whatever your content is focused on needs to be easily traced back to your title. We talked about how everything needs to have some sort of benefit for your reader, and you need to keep that in mind while creating your content. This can keep you focused, organized, and can give you the best performance results.  Once we have created effective content, we can reach out to our audience. We have the ability to turn them into subscribers. A call to action can be surprisingly more effective than you actually think it is. Ask them to comment, subscribe, or even to download something. If you have successfully done your job, then they are more likely to engage with your content.

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    Anyone can benefit from being a better writer. I love to learn new tips and techniques to incorporate on my blog. Great post 🙂

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