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A quick adventure with Glossier |

Glossier has been all over the internet, literally. Every blog I read, youtube I watch, and social media post I see features it. I finally bit the bullet and ordered some items to see what it was all about. Is it worth our money? Would I repurchase them? Keep reading to find out more!


Glossier Overview

Some people may not know this, but Glossier actually began as a blog! Emily Weiss began Into The Gloss back in 2010. The best thing about this blog turned brand is that it is still a blog! When you visit it, it is just like any of your other favorite blogs. The blog originally began with a fun look into the beauty routines and products of celebs, makeup leaders, and models. Into The Gloss reaches over 1.5 million views per month, and continues to grow. The brand has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, and is some of the most sought after products on the market.


Boy Brow

If you were not aware, I am all about an eyebrow! In fact, a lot of times, I will just fix my eyebrows and ignore the rest of my makeup. I have heard so much about this product, and it was the first one in my basket. Not only does this wax shape your brow perfectly, it also thickens and adds color to them. Um, sign me up! This is also stacked full of conditioners to give you the best brows of your life. I love a natural, full brow, and this gives me exactly that. No additional products needed. This comes in three different pigmented shades, and a clear coat as well. A lot of brow products can cause our brows to basically be glued to our face, but this gives the most natural finish of anything I have tried.

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Cloud Paint

I am not a huge lover of blush, but I am always willing to try some out. What really sold me on this product was that it is sheer and buildable. For days that I want a slight bit of color, this products seems perfect. I also love gel-cream formulas. They work better on my skin since I tend to be on the dry side. I tend to enjoy a peachy colored blush, so I picked up the shade Beam. The rest of the colors may be joining the makeup club pretty soon!


Stretch Concealer

You already know that I had to try out the concealer. I am constantly on a concealer hunt, and have a weird addiction to trying out as many as I can. To be fair, I am not usually a big concealer pot person. I really prefer a concealer with a liquid consistency, so this was really branching out for me. The product emphasizes looking as natural as possible, but still performing like a concealer should. While this is not the highest coverage concealer, it definitely is amazing for a more natural look, and definitely does exactly what I wanted it to do. This concealer is buildable, so that is always a benefit!



Once again, I am a highlighter addict. I am usually a powder highlighter kinda gal, but once I saw Haloscope, I definitely wanted to give it a try. This highlighter definitely adds a great glow to your skin, and does not involve any of the annoying glitter that we can sometimes find in our highlighters. It also has moisturizers in it, and gives a natural looking glow. I picked this up in quartz, mainly because it seemed most suitable for my skin, but also because I love quartz crystals! The stick makes it a lot easier to toss in my bag for travel, and I don’t have to worry about it breaking, also a plus!


Have you tried anything from Glossier? What are your favorite products?



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