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Self love Vs. Reality checks, how to know what you actually need.

 Reality checks, the new self love?

It is extremely hard for us to admit our own fault, or even show self love. This is definitely a struggle that I deal with quite often. Sometimes we are unable to understand how our choices and actions affect others around us. We can even do it to ourselves without actually knowing it. A reality check, from someone or ourselves is usually a hard thing to hear. Here is why it is great though, having an outside source put our lives into perspective is a healthy form of criticism. We are able to see how we act, and what we say. Self realization is great for personal growth; because otherwise we are not going to be able to improve ourselves over time. While changing can sometimes be bad if done for the wrong reasons. A positive change can really improve our overall quality of life.

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Can other people be involved in our reality checks?

Reality checks are also great for helping us admit our faults too. It is so easy for us to put ourselves in compromising situations, and even jeopardize our integrity. The best way to actually improve who we are is to admit our faults. While it is never a fun and exciting to tell ourselves we are wrong, it is a way of telling your heart, brain, whatever that maybe things are not okay. It is pretty easy to identify flaws in those around you, but trust me, I have some faults that I am definitely in no way able to identify my own. This kind of goes back to an outside perspective. Witnessing an event through another person or just in your thoughts allows you to pinpoint things that are wrong, and make changes, or at least come to terms with some issues you may have been battling inside.

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Change will happen, rather we want it to or not.

Like I previously stated, change is great. Change allows us to become who we want to be, heck, it even allows us to switch television channels. Self love is a way that you can find things that might just need to change without having something dramatic happen. For most people, change is pretty difficult, and I know that I fall into that category. A huge complication we face is the motivation to actually make the changes we need to make. Realizing that we make some horrible choices seems like it would be enough, right? Wrong. It is enough to light a fire underneath us to take the next step forward. Reality checks are a perfect situation to create new goals, and not only make yourself happy, but to improve your life all at once.

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