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Social media and mental health: What’s the impact on who we are?

Jealousy is never a great accessory

Social media and mental health cause pretty interesting feelings in people. Jealousy is part of our every day life. I see a woman who is above average height, and I want to be that tall. Would I call it comparing myself, or jealousy? NO! Having been in the blogging industry for some time, I do catch myself having some jealous tendencies in terms of posts, partnerships, or just normal photos. While I cannot speak for everyone, I can speak for myself. These issues cause me to work harder, or to improve myself. Social media and mental health are topics that most people try and keep separated.

If I see someone taking amazing photos, that causes me to study photography more to see what I may be doing wrong. If I see someone who has an impeccable writing style, that just means that I want to read more of their content. Anyone can choose what they put on social media, and most often, it is the best part of their lives.  Social media and mental health are two reasons that people might extend the truth. Either to protect themselves, or to compensate for something that they are missing. This leads me into my next point, honesty.

Social Media and Mental Health

Honestly, is social media ruling your life?

Honesty is pretty difficult when it comes to social media. We all have bad days. Would I want to put a picture of me crying in bed, surrounded by cheese, and binge watching Love Island? Probably not. Would I want to post a photo of an amazing lunch I had? You better believe it. Here is how I view it. We live in a very negative world. A world where there is constant death and destruction at every turn. Is putting our happiness into the world such a bad thing? This is a debate that has almost every different side you can imagine. Positivity is something that we are lacking, and I say we firmly. Most millennials that I know are not constantly happy, I know, it is absolutely shocking. Everyone has a low point, but everyone has amazing days as well.

Social Media and Mental Health

Don’t forget to live!

On the subject of honesty leads to my next topic, experiences. I recently traveled abroad to somewhere that is highly publicized on social media. A location is like life. There are great parts, and there are some parts that you would rather not go back to. If you know me, then you know exactly where I am talking about. I am quite a sensitive person, and experiences are a big issue for me. I would rather honestly know how a place is, culture is really important to me. Honesty not only saves time, but it saves money.

Travel is on the chopping block. I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit, and can speak from experience. This goes back to jealousy, comparing, and includes positivity. You have to understand that people post the best part of their lives. yeah, I am going back to that. I have seen some pretty terrible locations, but would I post that? Absolutely not. Raining on someone’s vacation, living situation, or employment is not helping them, and it is not helping you.

Social Media and Mental Health

Social media and mental health have become one

Mental health is seriously important. Does social media and mental health actually go hand in hand in our generation. Absolutely, it is probably a leading cause of issues in specific generations. I suffer from some mental health complications, but guess what, who doesn’t? As someone with existing issues, how can I look so positively on social media? Because I really rejoice in people’s happiness. I love when people get to take a step away from the hectic lives we lead.

Women are obsessed with being the best of their friend group. I am not a man, so I cannot say firmly that they are the same, but I am sure they have the same issues. As long as you have friends, family, love, and dreams, who is to judge you? Follow that girl on social media, like that tweet, comment on that blog post, and tell that girl in your office that her shoes are amazing. Society is trying to have us compare each other. Are you going to let them win?

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