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Target Summer Style: June 2018

I don’t know about you, but Target is one of my favorite shops year round. Not only for household items, but also for fashion pieces as well. Not only are the incredibly affordable, but their collections are completely on point as well. A New Day and Who What Wear have made unique fashion not only affordable, but also available to pretty much anyone! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Target summer style favorites. 

Target Summer Style

Target can honestly be a dangerous place. I go in for one item, and I come out with a new coffee table, six kinds of coffee (even though I don’t even drink it), and maybe what I originally went in for. I have quite a few Target stores around me, and they all sell different things! The main issue is that I can seriously find something new depending on which location I shop at, which is dangerous. Since the beginning of these warmer months, I have been keeping my eye on the Target summer style section. As someone who pays attention to trends, Target is usually right on the money! A New Day and Who What Wear are my typical go to brand when it comes to Target shopping, but honestly, everything is usually amazing.

For the price, you are getting some really great quality as well. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are from Target, and they are usually just as nice as pieces that were higher price points. As far as I know, most of these pieces are currently on the Target website, and I will link to as many as I can! Target summer style should be your first stop!

Let’s get to the clothes!

  • These white pants are actually everything. They are this really high quality chino material, and not see through! For white pants, you know how hard that can be sometimes. I love the tie waist detail because it adds interest to the outfit, and can help to define the waist as well. My favorite style of pants right now is a cropped wide leg situation, and these hit that on the head! The raw hem is also super on trend right now, and gives the pants a more causal feel. I have been styling these with basic tops in either stripes, or just a solid color. I also love wearing slides or espadrilles with these!
  • This linen top literally saved my life on a recent trip overseas. Not only is it really cute with pretty much any sort of bottom, but it keeps you so cool! I have an issue with my upper arms, but I feel like the tie detail attract more attention to the top of the shoulder. Keep in mind that since it is linen, it does tend to wrinkle, but as I have mentioned, that does not bother me as much as most people.
  • These pants are much like the white pants I mentioned earlier, just in a deeper green. They come in white on the website, but since I had some white pants already, I went for this green option. Mainly because these are an item that can lead me into fall as well. I style them pretty much the same way as the white pants. They are more of a standard bottom without all of the details, but still amazing quality! These are a denim fabric compared to the chino of the white pants.
  • OMG, I love this dress so much. I was browsing Instagram, and I kept seeing this dress. Needless to say, I had to purchase it that same day. Mainly because I was afraid that once people found this dress, it was going to go away before I could get it. It has such an amazing summer vibe. I love anything that has these buttons as a detail right now, and it just looks so classic and clean.
  • I have been sleeping on the linen pant trend for fear of creasing. These were seriously just a random purchase at Target. I was picking up some pajamas, and saw these hanging across the way. These hit me at a great place on my waist, have pockets, and are the most comfortable thing on Earth. I wore them all of Paris recently, and they kept me looking cute, as well as kept me cool too. They have a matching tank top as well as a jumpsuit if you love them as much as I do.
  • This white skirt is pretty much a staple in every girls’ wardrobe right now. It is a simple A-line button front skirt that goes with anything. I wore it with the linen top while I was in Germany, and was so comfortable. I’ve tried a few different brands that have skirt like this, and this is by far the best one I have tried.

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The accessories are amazing in the Target summer style section too!

  • When I saw these slides on the website, it was all over. Not only do I love a statement shoe, but I also love a slogan. I have incredibly high arches, so flats are not my favorite, but they are great for short periods of time.
  • After finding out how much I loved the tropical slides, I picked up just a basic nude pair that would could with everything that I wear. These have somehow turned into my around the house shoes, but they are cute with jeans and a white top as well.
  • I had been eyeing these slides for quite a while, but wasn’t sure if a pseudo-leopard print was really my taste. Guess what, everything changed when I tried them on. They add a little bit of spunk to my standard outfits, and once again, I think will be easy to transition.
  • This bag would catch my eye every single time that I went to Target. After seeing it in real life on someone in New York, I knew that if I didn’t add it to my collection, I would be sad about it. It has such a fun summer style, and the handle is really unique as well. Plus, it is under $35!
  • Straw bags have been on trend for quite a while, and I just hopped on this year. This large straw tote was a necessity for summer. With the pure obsession that I have for my smaller round bag, I picked up a larger option for travel and shopping.

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What is your Target summer style? What is your favorite thing to shop for?



  1. nvictory
    June 29, 2018 / 9:28 am

    I love all of these pieces! I agree with you, Target can be a DANGEROUS place.

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