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Tatcha The Pearl, is it as good as they say?

If you have been around here for a while, then you know my intense obsession with Tatcha. Their Water Cream is something that I seriously swear by, and I think it has changed my skin, no joke! I’ve been in the market for a great eye treatment since it was the only thing lacking in my routine. Once I found out about the Tatcha The Pearl, I had to try it. So, is the eye treatment that looks like something out of Pokemon worth it? Let’s talk.

tatcha the pearl

Tatcha The Pearl, what exactly is it?

This is marketed as a treatment and under light. It is supposed to treat your dark circles overtime, but it also treats them in the process. This was designed to mimic how pearls have their beautiful appearance, and actually contains Akoya pearl extract! It improves the collagen production in your skin, and even helps with glycation as well! It contains the traditional Tatcha trio which fights fatigue, environmental issues, and helps to blur your skin. Tatcha The Pearl has a formulation that is similar to Water Cream, and some people don’t enjoy that, but personally, I love it.

This comes in three different shades. I picked up “moonlight” which is the lightest option. To be honest, it might be a tinge too dark, but it does not look odd on my skin. It also has a medium and deeper shade. This is not to replace your makeup, but for those days you want to go lighter, it definitely works. The packaging straight up looks like a pokeball, but just twists off instead of popping open. It is relatively small for the $48 price tag in my opinion, but with the quality of Tatcha, it doesn’t bother me one bit.

But, is it worth it?

I wish I could say that I don’t think you need this, but you do. I seriously can tell a difference each time I use it. It brightens up the entire area underneath my eye. I love to put it on one eye and the go look in the mirror! The results are that good. Like I mentioned, the formula is interesting, and I think it is something you should go test out in store if you are not familiar with it. I find it to be incredibly hydrating, and actually feels more comfortable on the skin than a traditional eye treatment.  Tatcha The Pearl gives enough coverage that I do wear it out, but for special occasions, I do enjoy ore coverage. What I love the most is how this settles onto my skin beautifully, and I have not had any issues with it settling where it shouldn’t.

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I do wish there was more in the container, but the .4oz is pretty typical for an eye treatment. The eye area is pretty delicate, and needs to be cared for. I am going to continue to use this product because I do notice a difference, and I love the feeling on my skin.Skincare is such an important part of my beauty routine. Anything that can help my skin while I wear it is a winner in my book. This has become a staple on no makeup days, as well as days when I am dressing up. You can find this at Sephora and the Tatcha website!

tatcha the pearl

Have you tried anything from Tatcha? Which is your favorite?



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      It makes such a difference!

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