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Adulthood can be scary when you are still young at heart

Recent events have lead me to asking myself, “Am I too juvenile?”. In all honesty, I can answer this with a simple yes, but is it really that simple? While I am not the youngest of the bunch, when is it time to take off the Minnie ears, and pick up a knitting needle? I’m kidding about the knitting needle, but serious about the rest. If this is something that you find yourself wondering about, here my side of the story in terms of adulthood.


Adulthood sucks, man.

My twenty-ninth birthday is this year, and it kind of makes me sick. Not because of a number, but because it is time to start being an adult. Is it wrong to love video games, doughnuts, and Disney? No. Is it wrong to put those things before friendship, relationships and your future? Probably. I am definitely not one to talk about someone’s level of maturity, but maybe it is time to start that. As I sit here and watch a 1995 Batman movie, the winds of time are blowing past me.

Why do you always hear that adulthood sucks? That’s probably because we feel like we have to lose some sort of our youth. As much as I wish I could say that is not how I feel, I cannot lie to you. An actual fear of mine is to be boring. To feel like I am not entertaining, and like I’m basically just not fun. Adulthood definitely comes with an intense dive into the real world. Not only do you have to deal with expectations, but those bills are not going to pay themselves.


How to deal with the change, even if you don’t want to.

Change is never fun, I know. I’m not saying change everything about you, but we definitely have to change a little bit. How many times can I say change, right? Every year has honestly been different for me. Some years are amazing, and others I wonder how I ever made it through. Those amazing times have taught me quite a lot, but those years that sucked have taught me much more. When I think back about those changes that I was forced to make, I am usually incredibly thankful for them. Perfection does not exist, even when we are children, and in our adulthood, we certainly cannot expect to be perfect.

Something that has plagued me over time is almost being too defensive. Taking everything as an invitation to battle is definitely not healthy. I honestly should have been a lawyer. Arguing came naturally to me, and most of the time, I was good at it. Has this kept me from changing in the past? Absolutely. Since this is a new year, that is one aspect of my life that I am really working on. To my friends and family who are reading this, know that I am working on it. It is just harder than anyone imagines it to be.


So, how can you actually grow up?

If this is something that you struggle with as well, then look, a fun project for us to do together! Cutting down my time out and about has made a huge difference in my life. Not only has it changed my habits, but it has also worked serious wonders for my mind and body. My skin looks better than it ever has, I’m finally losing those pesky pounds, and I wake up every single day feeling amazing. This also has allowed me to get more work done that I ever though possible, and that is amazing in itself.

A huge thing that I am focusing on is my relationships. Taking a ore adult approach to finding solutions, and having a more mature outlook on them as well. It doesn’t matter if they are romantic or not, but there is definitely room for improvement. Twenty-nine is coming up fast y’all! If you are a similar age to me, then you know that we did not necessarily grow up learning how to cultivate strong relationships. If you did, then where, and how can I learn?! Focusing on your future is also a pretty solid way to work on adulthood. Grab it my the horns before it can drag you down!



What are your adulthood tips?

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