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The RealReal, is it worth it?

For years I have always wanted a Chanel bag. I don’t really know where this desire stemmed from since no one I know has one, but that didn’t make a difference. I’ve been aware of The RealReal for quite a few years now from fellow bloggers and Youtubers. On a recent trip to NYC, I decided just to pop in to their Soho location just to take a browse. After a return trip to the location, I ended up making a purchase. So, is The RealReal for real, or just another wannabe luxury consignment shop?

The RealReal

About The RealReal

I think that at this point, we are all familiar with a consignment store. Well, this is like no consignment store you have ever shopped at. The RealReal specializes in luxury goods, and they are all certified authentic as well. Personally, I knew about this retailer from their online presence. Quite a few bloggers that I know and love talked about it for years, and it was always something that I kept my eye on. After making my first designer handbag purchase last year, I have had the bug ever since. Since I was younger, I knew that I wanted a Chanel bag at some point. I went to NYC this month to work and play. While I was there, I visited their location in Soho.

Nestled in among the gorgeous NYC buildings of the area, and the streets filled with luxury boutiques it sat.  When I walked in, there were more people than any other boutique that I stepped foot into that day. The merchandise was organized by size and occasion around the store with accessories displayed along the shelves. I made a direct line to the back wall which was filled with handbags. This is where I needed to be. One quick shout out to Caitlin at the Soho store! Not only did she help me purchase my first Chanel handbag, but she has also made a life long customer.

Can you trust it?

Like you are thinking, I was nervous about spending thousands of dollars on an item that was not from the original retailer. Not only does The RealReal put each item through rigorous authenticity tests, but they even guarantee that what you see is what you get. As someone who has desired a Chanel bag for years, I know most of the points to look for if you are buying secondhand. What I love about The RealReal is they are honest about the condition of each product. The staff is knowledgable, and the prices are very adequate for the item you are thinking of purchasing.

When I initially went it, none of the bags caught my eye. I was looking for a lighter colored Classic Flap Bag. The sales girl came around and asked what I was looking for, and showed me the iPad sitting on the case behind me. Not only did they have the bags for display, but they also had a huge selection that was in the stockroom as well. After browsing the inventory, I asked to see a few, and she willingly pulled out each of those for me.

The RealReal

How pleased am I?

I mean…anytime that I can get a Chanel bag for less than $5900, I am a happy camper! The price is probably the best I could ever pay. I  also learned a lot about the vintage Chanel handbag details that I was not aware of. After finding out how unique my bag was compared to a more modern Chanel Classic Flap, I was sold. Jenna, who I named because I was seeing Waitress for the third time that day, has been an amazing addition to my wardrobe. I love how sustainable the company is.  It is also amazing that they appreciate what they sell as much as the people who are purchasing it.

Even if you are just visiting NYC, I think it is worth stopping by just to see. There are so many amazing items to look at, and the overall experience is gorgeous. Plus, Soho is one of my favorite areas of the city! If you are new to luxury handbags, or just don’t have a huge budget, then this is probably the best option that you will ever find. You can also turn in your preloved items and send them off to a new home as well!

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Have you heard of The RealReal? What is your dream bag?


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  1. nvictory
    July 7, 2018 / 10:44 am

    Thanks so much for sharing all these details! I’ve been wanting to purchase my first Louis Vuitton, but have been hesitant to buy a preowned bag. When you’re dropping that kind of money, you definitely want to be sure it’s authentic! Sounds like The RealReal is a trustworthy retailer.

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