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Tokyo Disney Resort: The ultimate guide for your first trip

Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort

When we planned our trip to Japan, we knew that we were going to Tokyo Disney Resort! No matter what! I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we are Disney fanatics. Traveling multiple times a year to Disney parks, visiting before I could even walk, and an unhealthy amount of Mouse Ears have ruled my life. Tokyo Disney Resort was a completely new experience for us, and we were fully ready to take it on! I’m going to break down what you cannot miss on your trip, and a few tips along the way!

What to do at Tokyo Disneyland

As with Walt Disney World, this is the equivalent to the Magic Kingdom. As someone who gets emotional every single time I walk through the gates to WDW, I was blown away by Tokyo Disneyland. By far the most traditional Disney park within the Tokyo Disney Resort, it features rides that we are familiar with. If you think that Magic Kingdom is themed to the max, it has nothing on Tokyo Disneyland! Probably the biggest attraction in this park is Pooh’s Honey Hunt which is a trackless ride, similar to Ratatouille: The Adventure in Disneyland Paris. Like at Magic Kingdom, you have your three mountains too! You can also take a ride on the Japanese version of Jungle Cruise!

Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek is a super fun ride as well! It is similar to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, but you have a flashlight and search for monsters instead! This park features a lot of similar rides as to the Orlando park, and also has the Beaver Brother’s Explorer Canoes which my aunt has been dying to do since that one Brady Bunch episode back in the day! These parks also feature the old Fastpass machines as well. Even writing this post is making me want to book a trip back to the Tokyo Disney Resort. It is amazing!

Where to eat at Tokyo DisneylandTokyo Disney Resort

Like Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland has a restaurant inside of their Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This one is called Blue Bayou, and it features quite a wide variety of seafood on the menu. The setting is amazing, and it almost makes it seem like you are in another world. No joke! If you can’t get enough of the amazing Japanese cuisine, then head over to Restaurant Hokusai! It offers a Japanese menu in the heart of Tokyo Disneyland. These are both sit down restaurants which are more expensive that a regular counter service. I will say that I had nothing bad the entire time I was at the Tokyo Disney Resort. It ranks number one in terms of Disney park food in my books.

Two counter service locations worth mentioning are the Camp Woodchuck Kitchen and the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. The Camp Woodchuck Kitchen offers a more “Western” menu with things such as fried chicken, waffle sandwiches, and some pretty standard Disney fare. The one place that you cannot miss is the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. It literally transports you into Wonderland, and the food was really good too! Everything was freshly made in front of you, and had souvenir plates as well! Plus, the theme of this place is off the charts!

What to do at Tokyo Disney Sea

This is a really interesting Disney park. It almost feels like it has nothing to do with Disney at all, but then you see Disney touches all over the place. The feature of this park is Mount Prometheus, and it features quite a few different areas within the park. Your first ride needs to be Journey to the Center of the Earth! Once again, the theme work that Disney has done is just unreal! It is a high speed, thrilling journey! Imagine Test Track, but better! The next can’t miss ride is definitely Indian Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. I think that Disneyland has a ride like this, but we don’t at WDW. I think that we probably rode this six or seven times, and it was amazing!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Disney makes me quite emotional. When I came across Mermaid Lagoon, it was a good thing that I was wearing sunglasses. I am still not convinced that I’m not Ariel, and this was incredible. The attention to detail is wild! Another of my favorite rides is Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage! I still sing “Compass of your heart” all the time, and Chandu is the cutest Disney character ever created. Also, it is quite a long ride, and a great way to rest. Ask anyone that has been to the Tokyo Disney Resort, everyone loves Chandu! This park also features their version of the Tower of Terror as well! There are way too many rides to mention in this park, they are all amazing and unique!

Where to eat at Tokyo Disney Sea

I’m sure that if you have been to the Tokyo Disney Resort then you are probably yelling at me for not mentioning the popcorn yet. Don’t worry, this is your time! Tokyo Disney Resort have tons of popcorn flavors that they offer through the parks. People legitimately line up just to get some popcorn flavors, and they are worth it. Various areas of the park will have different flavors to try. You can also pick up really cute popcorn buckets too. I still have mine from our trip!

If you are looking for sit down meals, try out Magellan’s or Horizon Bay. Magellan’s is probably the most themed restaurant I have ever been in, and the food is outstanding. Also, Horizon Bay features character dining if you want to enhance your Disney experience. Two great counter service options are Vulcania which is located in Mystery Island and the New York Deli which offers great sandwiches. Something not to be missed is Sultan’s Oasis. Pick up a Chandu Tail!

Extra tips for your trip to Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort

  • The monorails at this resort are unlike anything you have been on at other parks. I highly suggest taking advantage of these! Additionally, you can take the trains anywhere in Tokyo, and they will literally drop you off at the door!
  • The shopping is insane. If you are a true Disney fan, then you need to leave room in your suitcase and wallet. I came out with way more than I ever anticipated on buying. There are items in these parks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort is full of amazing food. It would be incredibly simple to walk around to various kiosks just finding snacks all day. You should definitely take advantage of all of the amazing food.
  • Many of the shows and parades are on a lottery system. This means that you may or may not be able to get tickets. There are various locations for you to enter the lotteries throughout the park.

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