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The Ultimate Europe Packing Guide


Ultimate Europe Packing Guide

A packing guide definitely depends on where you are going, and when you are going. While this is ultimate Europe packing guide, it can be adjusted depending on weather conditions! We are visiting Ireland, France, England, and Germany on this trip. If there is one thing that I know about Europe, it is that it their summer is not the same as a summer in the southern part of the USA! Layering pieces are the key to any packing guide! They are great for warm weather, as well as cold weather. One of my tips is to try and stick to mostly neutrals, but don’t be afraid for a pop of color. If you are like me then your mood changes depending on the day. Sometimes I go for a really easy outfit, but there are times where I want to dress a little bit more Instagram appropriate.

The Basics

Let’s break it down!

I always travel with jackets. To be honest, I am really cold all of the time, and I need them! I swear by my Barbour Jacket on trips. Not only does it have a ton of pockets, but it also keeps me warm, and shields me from water. If you know me, then you know about my adoration of Emma Hill, which has resulted in a growing blazer collection. I think that they can make a causal outfit look smarter, and can be great for a night out.

Is it really a packing guide if I don’t recommend a trench coat? The tops are completely up to you. I find a mix of tank tops, short sleeve, and long sleeve tops are usually your best bet. They are easy to layer, and you can adjust your top to the weather of your destination. I always have a white and black top when I travel! I take a color that works with the rest of my wardrobe too. Color is important just to break up the every day routine. Don’t forget to take a light sweater that can double as a robe, but also a lighter layer!

Bottoms are really simple for me to pack. I am whole-heartedly a denim girl, and love jeans. I always take two colors of jeans. Depending on the weather, you can add a skirt or dress to the mix as well. I have been obsessed with these midi length white skirt lately. They can be styled super causal, or they can also be dressed up with the right accessories. I’ve built some outfits to incorporate a bunch of the items that I showed above to show how divorce everything can be. As always, the outfit can be changed depending on personal style and destination.

Let’s talk about accessories

Would this ultimate Europe packing guide be complete without accessories? I definitely don’t suggest taking your entire jewelry box. I also think it is important to find accessories that are practical while traveling. Having bags that you can wear across your body are more secure, and it is nice to have your hands free. In terms of shoes, I choose a supportive sandal, a sneaker, and a boot. I love the fitlfops because I suffer from plantar fasciitis, and these help to alleviate the pain. Sneakers are pretty much a travel staple, and boots can never hurt! Try to find some in a style that you love, but also are waterproof like these Hunters.

The ultimate Europe packing guide wouldn’t be complete without a scarf! A scarf or cardigan is important when traveling as well. Some locations that you may visit require a certain level of modesty. The last thing you want to do is disrespect someone’s culture! It I important that you also make sure you know about the culture of where you are visiting.

Accessory Ideas

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