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SEO can be confusing, but this is how you can use it as a blogger

As a blogger, I have been aware of SEO of years. While it does not always seem necessary, SEO is the best way to get your blog noticed! I currently work in the digital marketing industry, as well as have studied SEO academically for years! The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Bloggers is a combination of information I have learned technically, ad things that I have learned from basic trial and error. If you are looking to get your blog noticed, then keep reading!


What is SEO?

SEO is basically a way of getting people to your website. It doesn’t eve have to be a blog, it could just be a website about anything. In case you didn’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To put that simply, it is where you are going to show up when someone googles something. For example, say that you are looking for information to care for you new Monstera plant. Are you going to be more likely to trust the information on page one, or page seven? Search engines are raking your content based on how useful they think it is. Shockingly, Google actually wants to help you find the answer to your problem! They also want to help you find good quality answers as well.

As bloggers, we have a chance to make SEO work to our benefit. There are multiple places that we can incorporate some SEO tips into our blogs and even places like Pinterest. Before I get into those, let’s talk about a content marketing plan. I’ve talked about content marketing before, and I’ll probably do it again soon. It is pretty important to have a basic understanding of why you need this in order to succeed. If you haven’t already, start working on a content marketing plan. This doesn’t have to be anything extreme, you can even write it in your phone. During this process, set some goals for your blog or website. It can be that you want 1,000 views per month, or you want to lower your bounce rate. Whatever you want to work on!

Why keywords are so important to your SEO

The way to increase your SEO is by using the right keywords. If you have a beauty blog, then using a keyword about home decor is not going to attract the audience that you are writing for. The most important area to use keywords is in your blog title. For this post, I am using SEO as one of my keywords because that is the focus of this post. Although I write about various topics, use keywords that are relative to each post.

You should be using long-tail keywords though! Long-tail keywords are going to give your content a more niche approach. These are going to be anywhere between two and five words that are more descriptive than just one. When I am looking for keywords for this post, using “SEO guide for bloggers” is going to go further than just SEO. Especially since most of this is going to apply directly to the blogosphere. If you have a tendency to forget, try making a document where you can collect of your keywords for easy reference.

How you can you find keywords that are perfect?

Keyword research is necessary! As much as I wish that we could just type in whatever we wanted, it is important to focus your content. Not only is this going to draw the audience that you are writing for, but it can help new readers find you as well! Using tools such as Google Keyword Planner are a great way to figure out what works best for your blog. While I could list what I use, that does not necessarily work for everyone. Some people say that doing keyword research is the first step that you should be doing before you write a blog post, but I don’t entirely agree with that. What makes your blog special is that you are writing what you want to write about. Adhering to guidelines is for the birds.

Where can you focus your SEO on your blog?

One thing that I didn’t know about when I started blogging was how many places SEO matters on a blog! As I mentioned, keywords are necessary in the blog title area. Another huge area is the meta description of your posts. This is that small paragraph that shows up under your blog title. This does not actually impact your SEO influence directly, but it can be a great way to grab your reader’s attention. Another huge tool is inserting the proper keyword into the “alt text” on your images. Keep in mind that search engines cannot read your images, so they need a little help along the way. The more you help out a search engine, the more it can help out you!

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      Thanks Pam!

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    Most of my blog traffic came from Google, and on-page SEO helped me a lot. Yoast SEO is a must-have plugin for me.

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      Yeah! The Yoast SEO plug in is amazing! It makes everything so easy. I use it too! Thanks for reading.

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