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Understanding Instagram Analytics as a blogger

Understanding why analytics is so important…

I am not quite sure about how Instagram is deciding to introduce these to people. It could be random for all I know. More importantly….what does this mean for you and your blog? Having a business account gives your audience the chance to be able to contact you, find you, but it also allows for you to have the ability to monitor your analytics. There is that word again! Instagram is a huge social media. Somewhere around 60% of social media posts are all images or videos. It is amazingly easy to sell yourself or your company through images. That’s all Instagram is, and it is a great tool for someone to understand your blog with.¬†Let’s talk about the first thing you are going to see whenever you agree to a business account. Impressions, Reach, and any Clicks to your blog/website.


Impressions, reach, clicks….oh my!

I think we all can get what impressions are now. In case you don’t those are how many times your items are seen. Pretty simple! The more times your posts are seen, that increases the chances for engagement, which improves your stats. This can come from the quality of what you are posting, as well as the amount. I have personally seen a drop in my impressions due to my lack of posting. It really can vary between person.

If you scroll to the right, then you come across your reach for the past week. Reach is sort of similar to impressions except these are the individual accounts that saw your posts. Usually reach is smaller than impressions because that account has already seen one of you posts, so even if they look at twenty, it still counts as one. Similar to impressions, the higher your reach, the more chance you have for engagement. Clicks to your website is just clicks to your website girl, duh!

An insight on insights, and an audience to remember…

The next category you come across on the insights page is your top posts. If you click on the see more link, then is shows any images you have posted since your made the transition into a business account. These are sorted by impressions, so you know what people are looking at, and what they are engaging with. This does not organize it in the order of most liked or commented on. Just how many people saw the post.

Alright, let’s talk about your audience! It shows you how many followers you have, and how many you had from the prior week. This is a pretty good indication of follow/unfollow people, and who knows, it may help you focus more on quality instead of quantity. Having a ton of followers does not always mean that you are receiving traffic/engagement/support.


Who are we reaching, and what information can we get from that?

We can then see the age range of who are audience is, which is pretty much my target market. People who are my age, or a couple of years younger are people who I usually speak to through my posts. It is quite interesting to see the audience generations before or after mine who are interested in my content.

We are able to get an idea of where our audience is from. I am from Tennessee, so for my audience to mostly be from New York was actually shocking, haha. My favorite instagrammers just happen to be from England, and I communicate with a couple of them through the platform, so London was not ask shocking. I can only imagine what Twitter would have to say. It is probably a ton higher than that. Why would location matter? If I lived in a location where I had an amazing local audience, maybe venues could reach out to me to post something about their establishment to attract customers. I don’t think anyone is coming from New York to go to Chattanooga right now. To be honest.

Time makes all the difference!

The last topic on analytics is what time and day your audience is the most active! If you are trying to improve your stats/engagement/whatever, then this is what you should be paying attention to! This lets you know when your audience is using the app, liking photos, commenting on photos, or posting photos themselves. If you are an Instagram scheduler, then you can use this information to schedule your content so that it receives the most impressions. You can also use this information if you are a full time student/full time employee too! Say you may not have the time to really focus on social media because this silly thing called life gets in the way. You can either set aside a few minutes to post your content at your best time, or you can use a scheduling platform.

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  1. October 3, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    I’m doing a night course in digital marketing at the moment, and we’ve been learning all about facebook, instagram and google analytics, totally baffles me at times, but really started to get to grips with it! x

    • admin
      October 3, 2017 / 11:25 pm

      I have been studying/working in marketing for a few years, and that stuff can get really confusing. Especially with all of the analytics and algorithms to deal with. It definitely gets easier when you study it, and having a blog and using it constantly has helped me out a lot! Good luck with your course!

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