Vitamin C, the ingredient of eternal youth?


Vitamin C is something that has gone under the radar for years. It has always been in products, so what made it so popular now? As a self-proclaimed skincare junkie, I am really curious about what I am putting on my skin. Walk into Sephora, and you will be faced with glowing shelves of amazing packaging. What is actually worth your money? What is going to really give you the results you want? Is there a miracle ingredient that we should be filling our cabinets full of? Let’s talk about Vitamin C. This has been the newest crazy in skincare, and it might be worth hopping back in the car to check out.

First off, Vitamin C is nothing new. My grandmother has been using skincare with it for years, and she looks younger than me (pretty close!). So, what are the amazing factors you need to know about? I will give you the quick information, we are all busy! It evens the tone of our skin (less foundation! yes!), it helps to keep our skin safe from the crazy pollution that we have created in the world, and is a leading cause in keeping our skin firm and full, which helps us look young! Do not worry, I will definitely be breaking all of these down into some slightly further detail, and maybe share some more information about it as well.

Who knew Vitamin C was so cool?!

Evens skin tone? This has been a big ingredient in the Asian community to help with keeping skin fair. While I think every natural skin tone is beautiful, different strokes for different folks. One thing I can get behind is, fighting redness! As a natural redhead, I have quite the issue with redness, and I had a brief stint with rosacea a few years back. Our skin can be pretty thin, so any variety in what is going on under our outer layer can have a pretty big impact on what we see on the outside. Plus, not wearing makeup is every girls’ dream, well, most girls’ dream. Maybe Vitamin C is on to something.

If you have issues with the sun like I do, then read this! I have somehow developed a pretty severe skin irritation when it comes to the sun, and I am doing everything besides turning into a hermit to treat it. If you have been in the sun a bit too long, Vitamin C can help cure a little of the damage caused by those ever tempting UVB rays. Since it is helps with skin repair, it can prevent some long-term consequences of sun exposure. I hate to tell you, this is not the cure all for hours and hours of sun exposure, but something is definitely better than nothing.

Vitamin C

Although Carrie Bradshaw smoked, it does not mean you need to.

Hey my smokers/drinkers, I have some pretty bad news. Smokers and avid drinkers are actually absorbing less Vitamin C than those who do not. This means that your daily need is more than what you are probably taking, and yes, this is a big deal. Vitamin C is not stored in our bodies, which means we are having to replace it every day. The more you drink, the more liquid you are…getting out of your body (if you know what I mean), therefore, say bye-bye to your Vitamin C. It is hard enough to make sure we are getting all of our vitamins and nutrients, and this is making it even harder. So, here is why Vitamin C is a huge deal for our skin.

VITAMIN C CREATES COLLAGEN! Yes, the capitalization is required! Our skin is made of around 75% collagen. What is collagen you may ask? This is what keeps our skin looking plump and juicy. Vitamin C is essential for body maintenance. It helps with the growth of cells and blood vessels which are what makes your skin firm. Have you ever heard of a thing called free radicals? I know you have. Free radicals can damage collagen (your most vital need for the skin you want!), cause dryness, and attributes to fine-lines and wrinkle. Vitamin C actually helps slow the effect rate of them. Vitamin C is creating a barrier between you and the world who is constantly fighting our health.

Do not just slather it on, take it in!

So, are topical treatments the only way to increase your Vitamin C needs? Heck no! Tons of fruits and vegetables are amazing sources of Vitamin C that are easier than getting that smoothie going in the morning. As a vegetable lover, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes are amazing sources, and that is basically a salad from that hip place on the corner. I am a big fan of daily supplements, and there are some Vitamin C gummies that are as good as orange slice candies. Two of those a day, and you are good to go!

Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin, but it is also a key in having a healthy body. Getting your fill of this daily need is going to help you fight the cold, hypertension, your risk for strokes, asthma, diabetes, and it can improve your mood. There are a ton of different benefits from Vitamin C, and I will be looking to incorporate more into my diet, how about you?


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