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Who is Ashlee Stuart?

Hi, welcome, I’m Ashlee! I started this blog as a way of sharing beauty products, travel tips, and information that I have learned through my Bachelor’s in Marketing. I am currently residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and really love to travel the world, and experience as much as I can. is your place to find beauty reviews, travel guides, blogging tips and more. New posts come out each week, and are completely written by me, Ashlee. My full intention with this blog is to provide valuable information to you as my reader.

I’m a dog mom to an adorable Great Pyrenees named Neyland. A huge sports fan,  a lover of bourbon, and a social media manager by day. I use skills that I have learned through my academic career, as well as my professional career, and I bring them to you. When I began blogging, it was hard to find information that I did not require fifteen steps in order to see what you should be doing. All of the information I have about blogging is easy to find, and even easier to understand!

Like most bloggers, this is not my full time job. is my passionate hobby, and is something that I have grown proud of over the years. My blog is for those of you who are like me. Interested in growing, but focused on having a great time creating useful content. So, if you are looking to make your first online profit, find out how to use your blog to get your voice out there, or even on how to start your blog, this is the place for you!

Majority of the work that I do on this blog and via social media is completely unsponsored. If I do any sort of sponsored work, I will be sure to clarify that information with you. Those posts will be marked, and feature opinions that are completely my own.

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